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New pizza place - owned by Sugo

Has opened in the old 'Nectar' space:

Without Papers Pizza


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  1. I must have missed jist of the topic. I don't know if I care what the name is, as much as I care how the food was. Any Chowfriends have an actual review on the place?

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      Last night I headed to WOP with the SO for dinner. You will notice the two "Pizza" banners on the 2nd level above the door since the small sign on the door isn't the easiest to find. Perhaps it was the chilling weather and we were just eager to find the place that we walked by twice without noticing it.

      As you open the door you walk up the stairs and walk into a very nice "Loft" style space. We were immediately greeted and told to grab any seat. Since the table nearest the kitchen was open I snagged it right away. The tall ceilings, open kitchen and comfy seats give this place a nice feel. The two main walls have no art but projectors were playing the wizard of oz so I didn't really know what to think of that. The music was a Daft Punk cd which gave it a bit of a “loungey” feel which I enjoyed. Overall this is a place where I would feel comfortable coming after a long day of skiing in my baggy ski pants or even before heading to a Broadway show at the jubilee.

      I asked our waiter what style of pizza they serve and he said "Thin Crust." I asked about the oven and was told it's the "Ferrari" of ovens and then asked if the pizza are cooked very quickly in it and was told “yes a couple minutes.” So I determined it's Neapolitan style which is my fav type of pizza or I enjoy a loaded Greek style pie but not much in b/w. As I looked at the menu I noticed only one pizza had buffalo mozz and pretty much every pizza had different cheeses, I think there were about 8 different cheeses in total for 12 or so pizzas.

      We ordered the Margherita (Wanted my buffalo mozz fix) and Parma after debating if we should go with the HogWild since it sounded delish too. A few minutes after we put in our order Angelo made an appearance and we started a small conversation about the place and how he has had way too many pizzas in the last cpl weeks.

      I first had a slice of the Marg and couldn’t help but notice how crispy the crust was. For those of you who complain Famoso is too soggy go try this pizza, you won’t be disappointed with the crust. The sauce tasted like it was made from San Marzano tomatoes but I never did ask to confirm.

      Then I digged into the Parma which I immediately noticed it was a little dry, it reminded me of the flatbreads at Una a bit. I’m not sure if we were just short changed or if next time I’ll have to ask for extra sauce. About half way through Angelo asked our opinions and I mentioned this to him and noticed he was pouring the sauce on the dough from then on till we left. The arugula was fresh and I suspect the Prosciutto was domestic bc it just didn’t have the fat, colour and taste to what I’m use to from Italian Prosciutto but I could be wrong.

      Overall we were very happy with the $12 Margherita and the $16 Parma was very close to being great as well, just needed more of that yummy sauce. I enjoyed a few $7 Steam Whistles they had on draught and my SO was very happy with her $6 glass of house wine, she would have loved to order a bottle for $25 but someone was the dd. Without Papers will be a good addition to satisfy my pizza cravings in a nice comfy environment.

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        Good review,

        I also tried Without Papers this weekend and had a pretty positive experience.

        We had the romaine salad with boar bacon and gorgonzola dressing to start. While lettuce was nice and fresh, the bacon came in whole strips that were cold and soggy like they had been pulled from the fridge. I have trouble believing that the chef envisioned the salad being plated like this? The dressing was good and lemony but lacked any real gorgonzola taste. This was a decent salad that could be great with a bit of tweaking.

        We also had the appetizer meatballs in tomato sauce. These little babies were quite tender and tasty. No complaints here.

        For our main, we shared the hog wild pizza mentioned above. It had a delicious sausage on it, proscuttino (i think), as well as braised rappini and a nice salty cheese (I forget what kind exactly). I definitely enjoyed this pizza although it didn't seem to have any tomato sauce at all. All of the pizzas come with a little plate of parm, basil, and chilis.....a nice touch.

        Lastly, my gf and I shared the home made pistachio ice cream. I don't know much about homemade ice cream but this particular one was quite grainy and the frozen fat sort of stuck to the spoon after a mouthful if that makes any sense. I wish I would have gone with a rootbeer float they had on the menu!

        Over all I had a pretty darn good experience. Great space, zainy old movies on the wall, reasonable prices, and friendly service. I look forward to trying some of their other pizza pies in the near future. I definitely preferred the pizza here to the ones at Una.

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          Great Spot...

          Had the Rustic Potato Salad; Arugula Watercress Buffalo mozzarella Salad
          Garden Pizza; House Red; Coffee

          Rustic Potato Salad, was superb - very light and refreshing - vinegar and fennel dressing -

          Arugula Salad dressing had the right tang - however, overdressed arugula was weighed down - buffalo mozzarella grape tomato - sitting dead on the side - no dressing ? tasty enough though once you mixed everything it

          House Red - was decent ..$6 per glass great deal and went well with the two courses.

          Garden Pizza - was perfect, charred without being burnt , the crust itself still chewy and yeasty - veggies eggplant, red pepper, artichoke - again nicely charred plenty of flavor - easy to pick up - didn't wimp out... tomato sauce light yet full of flavor. Wonderful

          Cappuccino.. very well done ;plenty of foam, rich strong coffee nice presentation

          The food had flavor and zing all round - , greatly satisfying without feeling weighed down - packed of flavor yet light - will go back again for sure especially for potato salad..(not sharing next time)

          Great price point - dinner for two 50 bucks and change. (excluding tip)

          Downside the ambiance was way weird.. the space itself in beautiful and welcoming however, very noisy room so hard to have conversation... the music resembled my spin class and the movie was Barberella - ?

          More suited to Frank Sinatra - Rat Pack or Al Capone black and white movie.. spaghetti western would have been fun too

          Una Pizza, does a great job in keeping within a theme where it makes sense - everything fits ... this place is by far worth the food though.. the music and movie are an easy fix..

    2. Sorry folks but the discussion of an unfortunate acronym derived from the name of a restaurant is off topic. Please keep the discussion focused on food.


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        I would like to get people's take on the name for an article I'm writing... please email me darelleats@gmail.com

      2. Finally made it to WOP for an early dinner, three of us very fussy Italians ordered the Parma pizza and all three were of the same opinion, the pizza was excellent, the best we have had in Calgary, well worth the visit, the Gelato on the other hand needs work, i.e. sugar. I hope WOP is around for many years as there can never be too many pizza joints.

        1. If it ain’t square and 2 inches thick it just ain’t pizza! lol

          1. Went here tonight for dinner with a friend. She got there a bit earlier than I did - just before 6pm and thank goodness she did. The place was packed by 6:15pm and as was mentioned by a previous poster, because of the narrow stairway up to the restaurant, there was very little room for people to wait for their tables.

            We found the vibe to be lounge-y and the crowd to be an interesting mix. There were the groups of loud 20s-30s catching up over drinks and pizza which we had expected, two large parties of families from grandparents to kids, and even a smattering of young families. The ceiling mounted projectors showed movies on either side of the restaurant. My friend and I joked during one scene with a corseted woman killing a man that it may not be an appropriate choice for the kids in the restaurant.

            Onto the food, we shared a 500mL of Riesling ($39), the meatballs appetizer ($11), a hogwild pizza ($18?), the chocolate cake with a scoop of pistachio ice cream ($11). The meatballs were tender and the sauce was very flavourful - no complaints. The pizza was good although we found the prosciutto a bit overcooked and salty, the crust of our pizza was crispy and since I'm one of those that thinks Famoso is too soggy I enjoyed this texture better.

            The chocolate cake had good flavour especially with the cream cheese but the cake itself was a bit dry. I liked the ice cream although I know what the other poster meant by the fat being left on the spoon. Would like to try a float in the future.

            All in all I paid about $95 for two of us. When I came home and looked at the receipt I realized the restaurant had charged me for the full bottle of wine instead of the 500 ml. Which is my fault for not noticing ahead of time. Oh well.

            I'd go back but considering the crowd and quality, I prefer Una Pizza.

            1. Went last week with a friend. We shared the house-marinated olives (yum!) and the parma and hogwild pizzas. Loved the crust at Without Papers, as it was nice and crisp but not tough. We both thought that the crust was better than Una. We both enjoyed the parma pizza - toppings were nice and fresh. Will definitely go back for that one! The hogwild was a different story. Although the concept sounded good, it was waaay too salty. Both of us ended up drinking a lot of water to try to get through it. We'd hoped to try the shroom pizza, but apparently they were sold out. Will definitely head back to try that one out and see how it compares to the mushroom pizza at Una!