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Feb 15, 2011 05:56 PM

Need Help in Pamplona

I will be in Pamplona next week for two days. I don't have much time in Spain, and want to make it really count. Where are some great places for tapas? Not really interested in Michelin type places, more interested in casual, authentic places with great food. Any help will be much appreciated. Also, any particular dishes that should not be missed?

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  1. Pamplona is a great town for a tapas crawl. Suggestion:
    Bodegón Sarriá at Estafeta 50. Speciality: Jamón (cured ham).
    Fitero at Estafeta 58. Speciality: Croqueta (croquette).
    Bar Gaucho at Espoz y Mina 7. Best tapas bar in town?
    Café Roch at Comedias 6. Speciality: Frito de pimiento (fried pepper, shrimp and cheese).
    Burgalés at Comedias 5. Speciality: Tortilla de bacalao (codfish omelet) and gildas (anchovies with onion and pepper).
    Casa Otano at San Nicolas 5. Assorted 'pintxos' (Basque for tapas).
    Café Iruña at Plaza del Castillo. This classical café was a Hemingway's haunt not to miss. Have a tostada con mermelada (toast with jam) for breakfast.