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Feb 15, 2011 05:28 PM

Diet Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale

Does anyone know where to find this. I"ve seen the regular but not diet.

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  1. I'm a huge Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale fan! Sadly, I've never seen a diet version. It's a pity. I don't like to waste calories on full sugar sodas, so I don't purchase it very often.

    1. Not nearly as good as regular Buffalo Rock, & I drink alot of diet sodas. I believe I have seen at the local (Birmingham) Publix and possibly Wal-Mart. No idea where you might mail order.

      1. Check your local Publix store. If your store does not carry it, see if they will order it. I've done that a few times on other items with my local Publix stores, and it's worked out rather well.

        Also, I checked out the Buffalo Rock Beverage Service web site and they are setting up a new retail online ordering system. It's not ready, however, the site ( gives the directions on how to order directly.

        1. My folks pick regular Buffalo Rock up for me at either Winn Dixie or Walmart, I believe. I don't drink enough of it to fret over the sugar. Besides, mixing bourbon with a diet drink is probably a crime in some states (definitely Kentucky).

          Gave some to a co-worker whose spouse is a ginger nut. Apparently Buffalo Rock wasn't 'natural' enough for her. Go figure.

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            There is nothing remotely natural about them cans o' corn syrup. You act surprised by this.