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Feb 15, 2011 05:14 PM

HELP [Alexandria]

Work takes me to a place half way between St. Paul and Fargo, to a town called Alexandria, Minn. We have to eat dinner and breakfast.. Is there any thing besides Bennigans or Fat Daddy's? Please!

3590 River Rapids Dr NW, Minneapolis, MN 55448

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  1. I think you are screwed...

    (just kidding)

    The restaurant wasteland between MSP and Fargo is vast. Dated supper clubs are king in many places, and franchises fill in the cracks. With that said, I am sure there are some OK places out there.

    One place you may want to try is 6th Ave Wine and Ale. I haven't been there but I came across it a while back and it gets pretty good reviews on Yelp.

    You can also check out the local wineries ; ) Alexandria Lakes has its own AVA if you believe it. Good luck on that one. I am sure you will find a lot of sweet stuff, and I won't vouch for the wine at all. Below is one winery.

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    1. re: smkit

      Thanks for recs. 6th Ave looks to be my best bet I should have known Cheese would be the #1 item on the menu.

    2. Maybe this is too late. . .

      I spend a little time in "Alex" from time to time. I usually go to Doolittles, which is overpriced but fairly reliable (although last time I went there, I ordered a dish with shiitake mushrooms in it, and they served the stems along with the caps - pet peeve!).

      Please share your experiences - I am interested!

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        Dies: My favorite airline, Delta /Northworst, canceled all flights into MSP the day I was to arrive. A sign from above? I THINK SO! Thanks for the posts. You got any recs for San Antonio and Austin, headed there next month

      2. Couldn't get place link to work before. . .

        Doolittles American Grill
        4409 Highway 29 S, Alexandria, MN 56308

        1. Thank god you are not talking about Alexandria, OH.