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Cristina Ferrare's new show Big Bowl of Love, anyone seen it?

iL Divo Feb 15, 2011 04:03 PM

Wasn't aware of the new show on the OWN channel. I watched it yesterday and then this morning another one. Taped a future episode that aired later this morning and watched it too.

She's always been a favorite of mine. Seems very down to earth and also seems to love cooking or being in the kitchen. Won't erase the shows I have now as I'll review the recipes again as one of them today was for that Greek soup people were talking about on the favorite soup thread. It looked delicious. Chicken, broth, lemon, egg, orzo, parsley, pepper. Looked it up for name from the show and it's Avgolemono.

Has anyone seen her new show?

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    pine time RE: iL Divo Feb 22, 2011 01:56 PM

    I've tried to watch several episodes, and I'm not a fan of the format. She and her guest talk over each other too much, and the cooking seems secondary. Also read on-line that there are multiple errors in the printed recipes which her staff "is aware of," and are trying to fix it. She is personable, so I hope the kinks can get worked out.

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