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Feb 15, 2011 04:00 PM

Bread baking: Choosing cloche/earthenware shapes


I'm learning no-knead bread baking. I want to purchase clay cloche baker ovens. (I was going to use my my Dutch oven but decided to buy something affordable that was made for baking bread, such as cloche). They make Oblong, Round and a style called Romertopf.

Anyone want to share their experience with these products? And any tips on keeping the bread from sticking to the pot?

Thanks, Sylvan but in the the desert

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  1. sylvan, sorry I don't have either but just use an aluminum sheet pan and no issues with various shapes and bread types, although the baguette shape is one I prefer. Would recommend reading a book like Reinharts Artisan Breads Every Day or borrow from the library.


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      I'll second, third, fourth, and fifth Reinhart - any of his books, but especially Apprentice. That book taught me how to bake amazing bread. Another good one is Maggie Glezer's A Blessing of Bread if you like challah!

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        x6 :-)

        If you want to final proof your bread in the baker itself, parchment will be the stick-proof way to go. However, some people are against this idea. If you preheat the baker before putting the dough in, and if your dough is properly dusted with flour, sticking should be minimal.

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          I love challah...I make French toast with fruit topping and dap of sour cream or cream cheese.

      2. Hello
        Thank you for all your response and tips. I'll check out the book, as well.
        I've been using a pan with OK results...thought a little clay oven would offer better ones.