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Sunday Brunch: Medina vs Provence Marinaside vs Lift vs ????

Our original plan for brunch was Medina, but unfortunately, they don't take reservations.

So is it:

1. Worth the wait with no reservations (for a group of 4) for Medina
2. Go to Provence Marinaside or Lift instead
3. Alternate suggestion?

If the Vancouver Chowhounders could help us out with the wheres and whys for Sunday brunch for a group of 4, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for your help!

Tony :)

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  1. My own choice would be Medina...but I know that the place can be a zoo for Sunday brunch. I have had brunch at Provence Marinaside (I work very close by) and I thought it was pretty good (...please consider that I am not a brunch person). Then have a bit of a stroll along the False Creek seawall afterwards...

    1. Agree re: Medina. Another couple of options would be Refuel and db Bistro. Both excellent.

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      1. re: JEheartbreak

        I was going to recommend refuel as well :)

        1. re: starlady

          For out of towners (I assume you aren't from Vancouver) I would pass on ReFuel for brunch as it's kind of dark and although there is a certain hip factor I'd be happier going for a late lunch or dinner there.

          Provence and Lift are both decent food places with nice settings for a walk before or after.
          Fish House in Stanley Park is also a nice brunch place for our clan when they visit.

          .....and then there's Dim Sum....

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          You could try Jethro's in Dunbar, though you'll likely have an even longer line-up to contend with than Medina. They've got a selection of southern comforts: biscuits and gravy, chicken fried steak, etc. along with the usual brunch faves. The pancakes and french toast both seem like forces to reckon with. Not for people with small appetites.

        3. I am on the quest for the best eggs benedict and so brunch by extension- so far i liked the one at Two chefs and a table best, i've only had a handful but the hollandaise was perfectly seasoned there, and hollandaise could vary that much, the one at tapenade bistro irked me in its outright cheesiness. another brunch option with variety is faubourg in kerrisdale, with the bonus of great dessert- esp the chocolate-centric ones

          alternatively i would also embark on a quest for the best french toast ever, after having had the gastronomic one at Jean Georges Shanghai where the custard burst forth from a crisped exterior, migod.... or maybe not :)

          btw if anyone could point me in the direction of a stellar eggs benedict (or poached egg dish, because everything is improved by an unctuous yolky embrace ) i wld be very much beholden!

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            Try the tres leches french toast at Latitude on Main St. AWESOME

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              also on main Crave has a good crab cake benny and a fairly well made healthier french toast.

              i like medina but not enough to line up for a Sunday brunch.

            2. I prefer Provence over Medina but have never tried Lift for brunch. Medina is a board favourite but the one and only time I had brunch there, I did not find it to be anything extraordinary and quite bland (might have been an off day but because of the lineups I probably wouldn't try it again).
              Provence brunches have always been enjoyable for my family for both the the food and setting.

              1. For an alternate suggestion, I quite enjoy the brunch at La Brasserie on Davie. No reservations and there can be a wait at peak times. We generally go near opening (11 am) and never have had to wait for a table.

                La Brasserie
                1091 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6E1M5, CA

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                  I love the backroom at Medina because it is so gorgeous on a sunny day -- no real view just lots of light. I haven't been uber happy with the food there the last few times I've been however. And they've never been able to fry an egg properly IMNSHO.

                  Provence is another place that should be better than it is. We go several times a year because of visitors but I am never blown away, and was kind of put off by the lameness of their frites when I ordered a lunch item last time. It can be a nice setting if you get the right table.

                  Haven't been to Lift.

                  If you are heading to Main, I agree that Crave has some lovely brunch offerings but both it and Latitude (the only place in town that I've come across that does my TO fave, huevos divorciados) like refuel are rather dark, unless you get the front table at Latitude.

                  I don't mind the Fish House at all for brunch though of course it will be pricier. Nice setting and handy for good strollage (sea wall, Stanley Park) afterward.

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                    medina hasnt really been satisfying for me either, apart from the fact theres great deviation from the usual eggs 3 ways - short ribs in fricasse too salty with added punch from cheddar, can be dry as well, but most rave abt its tenderness so..... i once had a bouillabaisse(meh) which came with the most amazing bread though(it had cheese thinly slathered with the most amazing flavour so it must be the cheese i guess)

                    its pretty bright in Two Chefs and a Table, just too far from Richmond to be a regular brunch spot, didnt find the pancakes great though. i've also tried au petit chavignol's eggs benedict and the hollandaise seems off, fries are wonderful.... its too bad they serve crappy bread with the fondue

                    au petit chavignol
                    845 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6A, CA

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                      I would second the recommendation for the Fish House for brunch, and also the Teahouse, especially on a nice day. The view is wonderful and the last time I was there I was quite impressed by the service and the quality of the food.