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Feb 15, 2011 03:40 PM

New Orleans with kids six and ten

I am going to NO with my wife and kids 6/10. We travel together a lot and we enoy fun casual places with good food and excellent service. Budget is of no big concern. We would like to stick to places in the FQ. Could I get some suggestions? My wife and I are dining alone at Lillette and Ste. Marie but we need one dinner together and a couple of lunch spots.

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  1. How adventurous are the kids? Maybe Maximos, its fun, Meauxbar, the Rib Room, Mr. B's, lots of options.

    1. A lot depends on the childrens' dispositions. New Orleanians take their kids out fairly early in life but at the old places the kinder are scrubbed and dressed and behaved well. Sometimes, to the universal regret of the rest of the Human Race, Mater & Pater let the little darlings run up-and-down the Commander's staircase and other diversions. So, if they can sit still and enjoy things, well, anywhere is fine....

      1. For lunches there's a Camellia Grill in the FQ now, kids love the whole counter thing and the waiters can be pretty entertaining. Stanley, Cafe Amelie and Acme are kid friendly but with some local atmosphere, and can satisfy palates that aren't too adventurous as well as offering something more interesting for the folks. Even Napoleon House could work - if they're muffaletta averse there are standard turkey or roast beef po'boys and such plus PImm's Cups for Mom & Dad; kids might like the spooky dark atmosphere (or opt for the patio) and the place comes with a great story to tell. For super casual grab po'boys from Johnny's and sit by the river or in Jackson Square and watch the action.

        For the family dinner, if they're well behaved I say go for Antoine's or Arnaud's. I think Arnaud's food is a bit better right now but that's a matter of much debate, and they have the Mardi Gras museum upstairs so you can make it a combo outing (and take em back up there if they get fidgety. I mean it's still just looking at stuff, but at least its an activity; meanwhile you're still steeping in the real cultural deal). Antoine's has lots of Mardi Gras decor as well and that hallway to roam, maybe some music will be going on in their bar next door that the kids can peek in on. At either place order bananas foster for dessert and get the whole tableside flambe thing. Pretty memorable for kids (well, grown-ups too). Beware the route you take if you're trying to avoid exposing them to the Bourbon St. raucousness at night.

        PS Send a report on Ste Marie!

        1. Remoulade might work well for you with kids that age. Yes, it's touristy and kind of noisy at times, but it's quite casual. The food is reasonably good (although not great) but you and you wife should be able to order items from Arnaud's menu.

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            I like the Remoulade recommendation and will throw in for Green Goddess for a lunch.

            Green Goddess
            307 Exchange Place, New Orleans, LA 70130

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              I wouldn't bring my kids to Green Goddess. Don't get me wrong, I am almost a regular there, but its not very kid friendly.

              Green Goddess
              307 Exchange Place, New Orleans, LA 70130