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Feb 15, 2011 03:21 PM

New Kosher Deli in Howard County -- Anyone Know Pita & Rye?

There is a new deli coming to the Maple Lawn development in southern Howard County. Apparently, it will be a kosher place called Pita & Rye.

Does anyone know more about Pita & Rye? Not much on their Web site.

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  1. It makes no claim to be kosher on its website and I seriously doubt that it is any more than it claims to be which is New York Style deli. Were it kosher, it would have to close early on Friday nights and be closed on Saturday which I don't think is going to happen.

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    1. re: skipper

      i assume since they are getting an orthodox kosher certification, (hechsher) than they will be closed on shabbat (Saturday)

      1. re: cwsilverberg

        Wow, thanks for the info. That is supercool!!!

      1. It is now open (about a week), but will be closed June 7 and 8 (if I remember the sign correctly). i had the Flafel, a little dry but tasty, good pita, boring tabbouleh for a side. It is good to have it in the area.

        I guess it would be too much to expect that they update the website to at least say they are open-opening pains maybe.

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          They would be closing to observe the holiday of Shavous.

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            I tried the falafel and was disappointed. I had high expectations in that I was hoping it would be close to Max's as it's much closer. The biggest difference is the variety of toppings Max's offers vs. the single salad mixture topping P&R offers. The chickpea balls were not bad but the lack of everything else made it disappointing.

            There was a spit that I'd expect them to use for shwarma but they looked like they didn't have that set up yet. The corned beef sandwich that went to another table looked really good and I'll probably go back to try that and/or their pastrami.

            1. re: dacfood

              I haven't been yet, and it sounds promising. But in the interest of encouraging non-chain small places I hope everyone will cut P&R a little slack at first. Try them again later before writing them off your list entirely. I don't know, but maybe some very nicely worded suggestions might be welcome as the owners get the feel for what their customers would like.

          2. It looks closed with windows all covered.

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            1. re: mscoffee1

              Location, location, location.......why would someone expect a kosher restaurant to succeed in Howard county? Hard enough to stay afloat in pikesville or montco with large Jewish and orthodox Jewish populations