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Feb 15, 2011 02:59 PM

ISO Bison ribs

I'm looking for good-quality bison ribs for a special dinner, that I can acquire at a reasonable distance from NDG. I'm traveling by public transit as well, so anything close to a metro would be great!

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  1. What's your lead time? The last time I bought bison was at Atwater, but ribs may need a special order.

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    1. re: wattacetti

      My lead time would be approximately one week, but this is very flexible as I haven't even told my SO of the special dinner yet.

      Atwater Market is perfect, btw!

    2. I've seen them before at Volailles et Gibiers du Marché at Jean Talon Market.
      I know Vito gets Bison meat from Ferme Takwanaw (Le Bison de la Petite-Nation) so he might be able to order it for you.