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Feb 15, 2011 02:20 PM

le chateaubriand - do they ever actually answer the phone?

Hello all - trying to finalize some reservations for the April trip to Paris and thus far have met great success via phone, e-mail, etc. That noted, I've been trying to get through at Le Chateaubriand for days and the long-distance charges to listen to a rapid sequence answering machine are no fun.

Can anyone tell me what it has taken to get through to the restaurant, or, perhaps what the lady's voice is saying on that all-too-familiar voice message?

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  1. Any chance you can get your hotel desk or apartment manager to make the call for you?

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    1. re: mangeur

      Likely will end up doing so - but still wonder what the hell that lady is saying. :-)

      1. re: uhockey

        She's saying they pick up the phone 3-7pm on the days when they're open.

        1. re: souphie

          But of course that does not match reallity. Maybe they're on ski holidays...

          They do have an English message, though.

          1. re: souphie

            Interesting, though I guess if the 2 week thing is true that solves the problem for now anyhow.



      2. I finally got a hold of them over the phone and they said they only take reservations 2 weeks in advance. Is this true? I thought CH'ers were making reservations much farther in advance.

        And just to confirm, is their phone number 01 43 57 45 95?

        1. I've used Skype on my iPhone for inexpensive calls to and from europe. I prepay for $10 of credit and most calls cost pennies not dollars.

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          1. re: Charles Nixon

            It's too early to book for April anyway, you need to call 2 weeks ahead