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Feb 15, 2011 02:10 PM

Pescatarian in Istanbul

I will be traveling to Istanbul for the first time and was wondering if anyone could give me some idea on how difficult it is to avoid meat in the city. Thank you!

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  1. As a pescatarian in Istanbul, you will have plenty of options, particularly in restaurants that specialize in fish and have little or no meat on the menu. Two of my favorite places for fish are Iskele in Rumeli Hisari and Tarihi Karaköy Balıkçısı in Karakoy.

    At meyhanes and other eating establishments, you can tell your server: Et yemiyorum, sadece balik ve sebze lutfen. (i don't eat meat, only fish and vegetables please) and you can still enjoy plenty of veg, fish, and salad dishes. At pide places you can always get kasarli pide (cheese pide) which has no meat.

    1. Very easy to avoid meat! There is so much wonderful seafood because of the city's location on the water.

      We recently went to a really good seafood and mezze restaurant in Taksim called "rakici asmalimescit "...See my full review at You can make a great meal off the selection of mezzes alone!

      A cheap afternoon snack is to grab a "balik ekmek" sandwich under the Galata Bridge at one of the many vendors. Also, there are tons of seafood restaurants located there.