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Feb 15, 2011 01:55 PM

Anatolia's Gate - Still Open?

I've been charged with making a dinner reservation at Anatolia's Gate for this weekend. However, each time I call, I get a recorded message saying "extension 604-525-2519 is not available to take your call". Does anyone know whether the restaurant is still open? Unfortunately, I live in a very different part of the Metro Vancouver area and cannot go by to check it out beforehand. Anyone else had difficulty in contacting them recently? (The dinner is being scheduled at my recommendation based upon good feedback on Chowhound. Don't want to have "egg on my face" by everyone arriving to closed premises.) Thanks very much.

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  1. Found an email, maybe give that a try:

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      Try the Money Mart next door-they won't accept a call from my number so I can't.


    2. Yes there was a problem with the telephone but it's now repaired hours are the same as always.

      1. Thank you both very much. I managed to reach them today. All is well and we are looking forward to our meal.