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Feb 15, 2011 01:49 PM

Girl Scout Cookies. What to do with them.

OK Mr Island does it again. Comes home from work with boxes of Girls Scout Cookies a coworker was peddling. What can I do with Thin Mints, peanut butter Tag-a-Longs and carmael coconut Samoas other than gobble them? Googled for a good cheesecake, bar or cake recipe, something I could bring to work and share, but didn't find anything.
Any recipes to share? Thanks!

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  1. Crumble some of them and use as a butter crumb crust with a topping of coconut, condensed milk and perhaps a few chocolate chips. Cut them into squares and take them to work.

    1. My girlfriend's mother used to layer chocolate wafers and whipped cream, making something she called "Icebox Cake." I wonder whether whipped cream would get absorbed by thin mints. Maybe if you crumbled them, and assembled it in a springform with some clingfilm?

      Also, I made some panna cotta today. My grandmother used to serve that with coconut cookies. Maybe that would work for you.

      It seems "creamy" is my answer to "crunchy" today.

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        The choco wafer cookie dessert is a great one, but because of the coating on the thin mints, it wouldn't absorb the cream and turn "cakey", unfortunately.

      2. Fabulous crumbled over ice cream , or used as "mix-in's".

        1. Search the "Oreo truffles" posts on this board. Any of these cookies would be good used this way. Crush, blend with cream cheese, dip in melted chocolate.

          1. In high school I worked in an ice cream shop and we made a sundae that tasted just like Girl Scout Thin Mints: mint chip ice cream topped with crumbled oreos covered in hot fudge. I gained ten pounds that year. Crumbled Thin Mints over ice cream with home made hot fudge would be divine.