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Feb 15, 2011 01:19 PM

Dark and Robust - Russet Chips Are Gone

Has anyone got the inside dope on why such a distinctive product - either Cape Cod Robust Russet or UTZ Dark Russet Potato Chips - now appears to be history?

The writing was on the wall a few years back when Cape Cod inexplicably merged their Dark and Golden Russets into the more generic "Robust" all is lost.

Could this be a seasonal issue, cost-saving challenge or what?

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  1. AHHHHH I hate to hear that.

    1. That's really unfortunate. Cape Cod Robust Russet chips are/ were my favorite guilty pleasure in the summertime.....

      1. I miss them dearly too! What happened to them :(

        They were so hard to find here...

        I even made a post about it:

        I guess nobody has any news on them?

          1. Good news: UTZ Classic Dark Russets back on the shelf at the local New York Fairway Foods. Price has risen a bit to $3.49 per 8oz bag, but russet-lovers can rejoice a bit.