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Dark and Robust - Russet Chips Are Gone

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Has anyone got the inside dope on why such a distinctive product - either Cape Cod Robust Russet or UTZ Dark Russet Potato Chips - now appears to be history?

The writing was on the wall a few years back when Cape Cod inexplicably merged their Dark and Golden Russets into the more generic "Robust"...now all is lost.

Could this be a seasonal issue, cost-saving challenge or what?

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  1. AHHHHH I hate to hear that.

    1. That's really unfortunate. Cape Cod Robust Russet chips are/ were my favorite guilty pleasure in the summertime.....

      1. I miss them dearly too! What happened to them :(

        They were so hard to find here...

        I even made a post about it:


        I guess nobody has any news on them?

          1. Good news: UTZ Classic Dark Russets back on the shelf at the local New York Fairway Foods. Price has risen a bit to $3.49 per 8oz bag, but russet-lovers can rejoice a bit.

            1. Hey Mike, now I am not sure, but I think that Cape Cod Robust Russet might have been taken off of the market because they got into some hot water once information was released that Cape Cod Robust Russet had "910 times the legal limit of acrylamide". Acrylamide is a bi-product of the chips production, therefore is in the chips and most importantly it is a cancer-causing agent.
              Now, I am certainly NOT a scientist, BUT I figured I could share what I had read.


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                I wish I did not learn about this. A bit alarming that, according to the article, baked goods may contain more acrylamide than their fried counterparts.

                Off the top of my head, though, I read that rosemary may counteract the effect of the carcinogenic properties of the compound. I wonder how much it would help to add rosemary to all my fries and chips.