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Feb 15, 2011 01:06 PM

Weekend in Lisbon

We'll stay for a long weekend in Lisbon.
A Lisbon expert friend recomended Fortaleza do Guincho for portuguese-french fusion, Assinatura for modern portuguese tradicional food and Ramiro for seafood. Good choices?

We still have one dinner free, and our hotel is closed to Maerques. Any recomendations?


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  1. Hi Jalm:

    I live in Lisboa so if you search the archives your will find tons of recommendations. When Assinatura first opened I thought it was fantastic, however the last two times in the past month that I've eaten there, the food has been so flat and tasteless. The service is excellent, however the wine list needs some work too in my opinion.

    Nonetheless, Ramiro is fantastic, yet they only do shellfish. That's it: no regular fish or anything else.

    Two great suggestions would be Solar dos Presuntos and Restaurante Ibo. Both have excellent varied menus and cuisine as well as stellar wine lists. Solar dos Presuntos even has their extensive list on an IPAD! Service at both are fantastic too and Restaurante Ibo has a view of the Rio Tejo and even a chance to try some Mozambican-inspired dishes.

    If you want more upscale like Assinatura, I would also try Restaurante Largo in Chiado.

    Let me know if you have any questions or if I can be of any assistance.

    Boa Sorte!

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      Fabulous weekend with great restaurants in Lisbon.
      Ramiro dinner with shellfish, shellfish and good bear. Other great dinner at the Fortress of Guingcho one michelin star and justifies the second. Another very good dinner at Assinatura, maybe the best in Lisbon. A perfect meal with impeccable five dishes accompanied by five wines. Sorry but I liked this kitchen with plenty of flavor and taste. One of the best meals of recent times to the same level as many two and three star in Germany
      Highlights the quality of fresh fish and diversity of wines