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Feb 15, 2011 01:05 PM

2 Days in Hong Kong - What not to miss?

I'll be in Hong Kong for two and half days next weekend. I've been compiling recommendations on chowhound and other places but its starting to get overwhelming and unorganized. I'll also be visiting Guilin, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Xian and Beijing.

What foods are a must have in the two days and where should I go to eat them?

Example: Wonton @ Mak's

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  1. Mak's Noodles will certainly give you a taste of Hong Kong. Assuming you're going for local, consider: dim sum breakfast at Luk Yu teahouse at Stanley St (Central) for an Olde Hong Kong experience; and roast goose at Yung Kee, Wellington St. (Central), amongst others.

    1. I know it might sound a little bit touristy. However, for overseas visitor, a trip to Aberdeen and have some 'pick-yourself' live/fresh South China Sea seafood should be pretty enjoyable and eye opening?!

      1. Hi Biff4000,

        Check out this thread about foods people love in HK:

        I've lived here a year and a half now and some of the most memorable food experiences have been...soup!

        Pork lung and almond soup at Luk Yu Tea House (flavors and textures were subtle and nourishing and wonderful).

        Snake soup at Tim's Kitchen in Sheung Wan, delicate, slightly chewy texture, lemon-grassy, hard to explain...just good.

        Hot and sour soup at San Xi Lou at Coda Plaza in Mid-Levels -- intense black pepper that just sears your tongue and stimulates your whole system. It's awesome.

        Corned ox tongue soup at Din Tai Fung on Stanley in Central. Weirdly old-fashioned grandma food. Simple, clean-tasting broth, mellow meat. Good chewy, fresh noodles. (This is not a great food restaurant, but there are some interesting old fashioned dishes there.


        Lamb stew with preserved tofu sauce in an open-air joint somewhere near Morrison Hill Road in Causeway Bay (maybe others know). Rich, intense flavors. Delicious!

        Anyway, my 2 cents as a Westerner who loves (but knows little about) Chinese foods.

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          Whoops, that would be...

          Corned ox tongue soup at *Tai Ping Koon/TPK Cafe* in Central, not Din Tai Fung. (Din Tai Fung is a good Shanghainese chain.)

          Sorry, sorry.