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Feb 15, 2011 12:46 PM

Looking for: Guava Paste and Vienna Sausages


I've been looking for these two items for a while now. They are NOT meant to be used in the same dish, so don't worry. Haha.

Guava paste is for a dessert of Puff Pastry stuffed with Guava Paste and Gouda Cheese.....YUMMY.

And the Vienna Sausages are for hot dogs as I visited Chicago in October and now want to try and re-create the Chicago Dog. I remember seeing Vienna Sausages in grocery stores when I was a kid, but can't find them anywhere now.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. I recently purchased President's Choice guava jelly - cheese section at your local Loblaws. I would say it is thicker than a paste but it would likely work if you can't find a paste.

    1. You mean the little tiny canned sausages? I saw them on an aisle end at Sunny Foodmart on Don Mills last week and they are probably also a good bet for guava paste.

      1. You can get guava paste at Fiesta Farms.

        Fiesta Farms
        200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

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        1. re: myriam5555

          I've seen those tiny Vienna sausages pretty much everywhere, from the food aisles in Shopper's Drug Mart to Loblaws to many corner convenience stores.

        2. If it's not the canned sausages you want, look for the long, thin smoked veal or pork wieners at any European deli. I've seen them at The Prague on Queen W. at Browns Bros in St. Lawrence Market, at Ruppelt Delicatessen on Markham Rd in Scarborough, etc.

          St. Lawrence Market
          92 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E, CA

          1. Thanks guys. Just to clarify, it's the long, hot dog-like vienna sausages I was looking for. I remember as a kid seeing them in the same section in the grocery store as the deli meats (pre-packaged bologna, etc etc.).