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Feb 15, 2011 12:45 PM

New bread bakery on Kingston Rd (Beaches)

I was coming down Scarborough Rd yesterday, and noticed a sign for a new bakery opening, just off Kingston Rd. It is called Kneadfully Yours, and the sign says Opening Soon.

Anybody know anything about this location, or the store? Its within spitting distance of Courage (formerly Farmers Daughter) and Jacket Potatoe (formerly Kingston Rd Pastry) who both have sweet treats, so hope they have a great point of difference.

It would be great to see that corner of Kingston Rd get more developed. All store fronts have been empty for awhile now

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  1. I know the place, its Knead Bakery and they have been selling their product through Close to the Bone, Courage and Grinder Cafe for a while now.

    Very excited that they have a retail spot. Really really great bread, muffins, cake etc. I think they will be a great addition to the area.

    1. Yes, I've bought Knead's danishes and croissants at Courage Foods. They're decent. Never tried the bread. This corner is right in my neighbourhood, so I've been watching the progress for a while. Definitely it'll be nice to see some prospering businesses in there again.

      I think Knead is planning to be open very soon indeed -- either by this weekend or the following, if memory serves.

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      1. re: AverageJo

        Heard that they are actually opening this Friday!

        I went into Jacket Potato and was a little disappointed. A single chocolate chip cookie was $2.58 with tax (It was a good size cookie, but I still think that is pretty steep) I hope Knead is a better priced alternative.

        Apparently a Waffle place will be opening next to Knead. Interesting choice too.

        1. re: shocked

          The waffle place sounds really interesting! Hoping that it's an authentic Belgian spot. Had some great ones at the Farmer's Market at Queen and Woodward in the summer, as well as some great ones way back at the now closed "La Tea Dah" in the beach.

          1. re: currycue

            It is absolutely authentic Belgian waffles (complete with the correct sugar) but the Kingston Rd location is not open to the public.

            They can usually be found at many of the farmers markets (Brickworks is one of them) and they sell their product through a few of the higher end stores. Their waffles & beignets are amazing though!

            They do have a booth that they bring out occasionally for the Kingston Road street festival. So who knows maybe they will do it more often this year.

            1. re: Otonabee

              That's awesome! So far the only place I can find them regularly is at Goed Eten on Ossington.

              1. re: Otonabee

                Do you know the name of the company by chance? Wondering if I can contact them for large orders.

                  1. re: Otonabee

                    Thanks! I'm sure it will be MUCH better than that awful Wanda's place (with their pre-mix waffle batter)

          2. re: AverageJo

            Update: We bought a loaf of Red Fife sourdough yesterday: $4.50. Good tangy sourdough flavour, a dense, hearty loaf. Also bought a cinnamon bun and a fruit brioche. The brioche was just all right, nothing special. Cinnamon bun was good--lots of cinnamon flavour, not exceedingly sweet.

            They also had muffins and squares, and several varieties of bread. I'm sure we'll be back to try them all.

            1. re: AverageJo

              we tried some buns as well as a small chocolate cake and both were great...i heard they supply St. Germain hotel and that is why we gave it a try...great quality!

          3. I bought a croissant made by Knead at Lazy Daisy's (Coxwell & Gerrard) and was disappointed. I could tell it had been made with quality ingredients (tasted buttery), it looked good from the outside (flaky and lightly browned), but the inside was like a dense mass. Not at all layered. No puff. Hope they figure that out.

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            1. re: Full tummy

              You have to be selective with Knead's baked goods. Some things they do really well. Others, like the croissants, tend to be underbaked, as you found. I've found the best items are the cinnamon buns and scones. I don't bother with the croissants or brioches.