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Feb 15, 2011 12:36 PM

RENO - Chowdown Group?

So even though I've been reading the posts on CH for a few years now, I finally bit the bullet and officially joined (a.k.a. created a log-in). I see quite a few posts (God bless you faithful posters) from the same people - Steve, Nancy, NVCook, etc. - but what I really want to know is... have you all formed a local "Chowdown Group" that dines together regularly? How would one weasel her way into said group to eat with like-minded people who truly appreciate a good meal?

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  1. Hi,

    Steve Timko created a Google Group called "Greater Reno Grub and Gripe Group", or GRGAGG, to which people can subscribe. Once a member of the group, you'll get email from

    Here's a note from Steve's initial message setting things up:

    "Most of the people on the list -- 13 at the time I write this, with one invitation to Allie from Yelp pending -- are from either Chowhound or Yelp. Most also live in the Reno or Lake Tahoe areas. Some are foodies who don't participate on Chowhound or Yelp but seem like good additions to this group. Others are people with connections to the area who have moved away but may join
    us at some time."

    1. Send an email to and I'll send you an invite to join the Greater Reno Grub and Gripe Group.

      1. Hi KKolvet - I actually live 2 1/2 hours east of Reno so I probably wouldn't be attending very often. However, my daughter lives in Reno so I do get there occasionally. If you ever come to Winnemucca, let me know and I'll feed you well (maybe even a picon).

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          Actually I do make it out to Winnemucca every now and again - so I may just take you up on the picon! (One of the best dishes I've had in a while [at a Mexican restaurant] was a very simple chicken and vegetable dish at Las Margaritas. The restaurant itself has mixed reviews online, but my meal was absolutely delicious! I definitely wouldn't mind going back for round two, but I definitely need to try the Basque options first.)

        2. Thank you, all, for your responses. What with the snow and holiday this weekend, I have been off the computer for a few days - but I just sent Steve that email. Hopefully I'll be meeting you soon!