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Feb 15, 2011 12:14 PM

Looking for an Arabic restaurant-club, Mississauga

There were postings about an Arabic retaurant -nightclub in Mississauga that made the place sound quite good. I can't find the post and have forgotten the name. Can anyone remember and advise?

Th e place had a website and had a lunch buffet- maybe even supper as well. The name was something like Xanadu but had more letters.


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  1. Vinnie, it might be Zanobia you're looking for. I went this summer and had some decent appetizers out on the patio. It's very nice in the summertime, but I wouldn't vouch for the consistency of the food - its a bit up and down.

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    1. Beat me to it, sounds like Zanobia. Drive by it on my way home all the time, never knew what the hell it was