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Feb 15, 2011 12:10 PM

Mamma Mia's in Saratoga Springs

I'm curious what the Chowhound reviews are of Mamma Mia's on Ballston Ave in Saratoga Springs? It is very convenient for SO and I, so we are there frequently for take-out and occasionally dining in. They have a a wonderful spinach and avocado salad, SO swears by their chicken parm and we've never had a bad pizza! They are also opening up an italian bakery right next door to the restaurant.

Any other reviews?

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  1. Hidden gem in Saratoga. Have never had a bad meal there. Recommend them highly. Have been there with my adult children who come to Saratoga for the races, and the accompaning grandchildren. Staff handles them all with politeness, aplomb, and good humor. Also second your recommendation on the pizza. Recommend the place highly

    1. We also like Mama Mia and enjoy the food. Staff and owners are very friendly. A decent wine selection for this type of restaurant.
      P.S. Specials are interesting.

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        jaylhorner, not the Mama Mia's in Geneseo but the one in Saratoga Springs! I agree with others that it is exceptionally good and tremendous value as well.

        Mama Mia's
        89 Main St, Geneseo, NY 14454

      2. Another YES for Mama Mia's. We mostly went there for pizza, the eggplant being our absolute favorite. Also had dinner there and it was delicious.
        That's great they're opening up a bakery, too. Don't live in the area anymore, but will check it out next time I visit.

        1. Anyone been recently?

          I just heard about this place (in a strip mall) while I was at Dolce and Biscotti. Owner is Italian. How does it compare to Capriccio Saratoga? How does it compare with the Italian restaurants in Schenectady and Troy?

          The Yelp perspective:

          The photos on Yelp don't look very appealing.

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          1. Finally got to Mama Mia's. We've been looking for our new Gotchya's and might just have found it. We tried Three Olives and Augie's family style service doesn't work for two. I like Pasta Pane more than SO. While Mama Mia's doesn't have the speakeasy atmosphere of a Gotchya's, food was very good and it's an excellent value (my $18.95 pasta was enough for two). Also, open for dinner every night. Music matched the cuisine, opera and classical (no Frank Sinatra while we were there). Service was professional and friendly and the hostess and owners were there keeping a watchful eye.

            The space is much larger than it looks from the outside. There is a full bar (next to the Bakery INSIDE the restaurant) if you're early for your reservation. And a room for private parties. Now on to the food.

            SO asked for a wine list (more selections than Appian Way's "red or white?"). Wish their wine list was on the website.


            Calamari Fra Diavlo - calamari tossed in cayenne and hot cherry pepper sauce. SO really enjoyed this appetizer. Our friend and I didn't share his sentiments. Calamari was cooked perfectly. If you like crispy breading on your calamari, this is not the calamari for you. The pepper sauce makes for a wetter calamari. Some of the peppers were not cooked enough. Hot cherry pepper sauce was delicious.

            Long stemmed artichoke francese over polenta (firm, not creamy) - we all loved this dish.

            Pacing was a little slow between our apps and pasta/mains. Our server stopped by to let us know. We just sipped our wine and talked.


            Cavatelli, pesto with potatoes and green beans - I really enjoyed this dish. Enough for two.

            SO had the lamb osso bucco. This might have been a special? SO really enjoyed it.

            Our friend had fresh capellini with mixed mushrooms and sea scallops. I tasted the scallops. Cooked perfectly and sweet. Very good.


            For dessert the guys went to the bakery and selected pastries (sfogliatella) and cake. Our server said she would add them to our bill. The restaurant also had a few desserts (tiramisu, etc.). Espresso.

            We will definitely go back. This is our new Gotchya's. Perfect for a weeknight dinner when we don't want to cook or head to Schenectady or a DZ Restaurant. Not on OpenTable. Parking is ample and easy.