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Mamma Mia's in Saratoga Springs

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I'm curious what the Chowhound reviews are of Mamma Mia's on Ballston Ave in Saratoga Springs? It is very convenient for SO and I, so we are there frequently for take-out and occasionally dining in. They have a a wonderful spinach and avocado salad, SO swears by their chicken parm and we've never had a bad pizza! They are also opening up an italian bakery right next door to the restaurant.


Any other reviews?

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  1. Hidden gem in Saratoga. Have never had a bad meal there. Recommend them highly. Have been there with my adult children who come to Saratoga for the races, and the accompaning grandchildren. Staff handles them all with politeness, aplomb, and good humor. Also second your recommendation on the pizza. Recommend the place highly

    1. We also like Mama Mia and enjoy the food. Staff and owners are very friendly. A decent wine selection for this type of restaurant.
      P.S. Specials are interesting.

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        jaylhorner, not the Mama Mia's in Geneseo but the one in Saratoga Springs! I agree with others that it is exceptionally good and tremendous value as well.

        Mama Mia's
        89 Main St, Geneseo, NY 14454

      2. Another YES for Mama Mia's. We mostly went there for pizza, the eggplant being our absolute favorite. Also had dinner there and it was delicious.
        That's great they're opening up a bakery, too. Don't live in the area anymore, but will check it out next time I visit.