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Feb 15, 2011 11:23 AM

Where can I find farro in Surrey/Vancouver?

Anyone help on this? Surrey is best for me.

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  1. Costco (Vancouver downtown) recently had Farro in stock - I bought a huge bag (1.36 Kg) for somewhere around $7-8. Give the Surrey Costco a shot.

    Otherwise, in Vancouver - Gourmet Warehouse carries it, along with Farro based pastas.

    Gourmet Warehouse
    1340 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5L, CA

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    1. re: kinnickinnik

      Famous Foods on Kingsway also has it last time I checked.

      1. re: YVRChow

        I've seen it at the two Urban Fare stores downtown (haven't been to the Yaletown one, though).

        1. re: VanGrrl

          Galloway's has Farro at their Richmond and Burnaby stores. Galloway's usually has the best prices for bulk grains.

    2. Costco in Langley had a good supply on Friday and seem to keep it in stock.

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      1. re: bevo

        I bet the choices Market in Burnaby\New West would also have it.

      2. I got my farro at Galloways in Richmond. Good price too. Thanks all!

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        1. re: emtrev

          Now that Galloways is closing, anyone have any new places where you can get Farro, preferably in Vancouver?

          1. re: bluegoat

            I bought some a couple weeks ago at Famous Foods