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Feb 15, 2011 10:29 AM


Does anyone know about Felicious in Bloor West Village? The website says the opening was supposed to be mid-January, but the windows are still papered up.

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  1. I've been curious also.
    It's been a month and no movement.

    Hopefully, they have no serious delays.

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    1. re: 5andman

      Hi, felicious just opened yesterday Mar 21.11. Even though they are oficially opened, it seems like they are struggling to get their groove on. I walked in for lunch and ended up waiting for about 30 mins for the food to be ready. at which point my friend and I decided to leave. Other colleagues complained about incomplete orders, and also having to wait for a while for service.
      The menu looks promising, however, I cannot comment on the quality of the food since my order was not very tasty. I was hoping for a new alternative to the bloor-west village weekday- lunch dilemma, the wait continues...ASA Sushi is always a winner...and the new Ali Baba's

      1. re: FCO242

        I went on March 25 and a few of my coworkers went this week.

        The food was OK to average but the service is terrible. I realize they may be working out the opening jitters but the serving staff and cooks were constantly yelling at each other. It was not a welcoming atmosphere. The average wait time for take-out has been 30 minutes, so it's not a very attractive option for your lunch break. The space itself has been renovated quite nicely, but that's about all I can say that is positive.

        I'm going to give it another try in a week or two to see if they've managed to get their act together.

        1. re: dogtorted

          What kind of food was on their menu? They haven't posted one online yet.

          1. re: principessa del pisello

            Walked by.

            They have a picture menu sign up.
            Looks like typical fare (burgers, etc.), I hope that's not the case. Noticed a breakfast sign too.
            Based on pre-launch marketing material, I assume they were doing their spin on "euro-type" food (I could be wrong, still early).

            I'll probably check it out in the next few weeks, once they get the kinks out.
            It's a nice looking space, and I hope they can forge an identity.

            1. re: principessa del pisello

              They have some breakfast items(bacon and eggs, waffles, crepes, omelets) a strangely large ice cream selection, sandwiches (BLT, grilled chicken or steak, turkey, polish ham, hungarian salami) salads (chef and caesar), a few random Eastern European/Russian things (kebobs, knish, Polish sausage) and a hamburger.

              It's an eclectic menu, but not in a good way. There doesn't seem to be much focus to it.

        2. re: 5andman

          The family and I just had lunch here. Nice place. Food was OK, family friendly. Nice looking inside, kind of a posh family dinner style. I spoke to the owner, very nice and good people. (Actually they came to our table to ask us how everything was) They said opening week thought them a lot; they have since fired their old chef and restaurant manager. I don’t know about their weekday lunch or dinner, but weekend lunch was busy and all around good experience. Not bad, worth the visit. If you go there thinking you’ll be eating at the Ritz, you’ll be disappointed. If you go there because you want an alternative to Swiss Chalet, Boston Pizza or Kelsey’s you’ll be pleased. I guess that’s the best way I can put it.

        3. This is already beginning to look like a job for Gordon Ramsay....

          1. Was there last night for dinner. It's definitely now my weeknight, too lazy to cook go-to place given the limited choices in the neighbourhood. We had the macaroni and cheese and a chicken provolone panini with fries and salad. As said above, it's a good quality alternative to Swiss Chalet etc. The dishes are made from scratch, not reheated, and with care.

            The menu is completely different from what they had when it first opened - no more crepes and no more distinctly Eastern European items. The frozen fries have been replaced with handcut fries.

            The drink menu is not very appealing, but it just helps to ensure I'm not spending money on alcohol for a quick weeknight meal.

            1. Felicious is now The Good Fork or goodfork as their sign reads from the street.

              Haven't been yet, but it looks much busier than Felicious ever did. A review should probably get a new thread anyway.