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Feb 15, 2011 10:19 AM

What's your favorite iphone or ipad cooking app? [moved from General Chowhounding board]

Hi all,

I've been a longtime reader but this is my first time posting a question. I've been looking at a bunch of apps for cooking, like "How to Cook Everything," "Cook's Illustrated" and "42 restaurants." I like these but I want to know what everyone else is using and how you think they compare to regular cookbooks?


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  1. Awhile ago I tried the Epicurious iPhone app. Just downloaded the iPad app, and so far like that.

    When I want to make something it's a lot easier for me to search the Web than paw through a cookbook. I think I'd only resort to a cookbook these days to explore what was there and maybe methodically make several things in the lineup. But I'm more likely to think "hmm, I have a taste for..." and go search the web. The Epicurious app is helpful in that regard but plenty of times I just use the browser.

      1. I like Ruhlman's "Ratio" app. Made an excellent pie crust with it.

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          and the new Ruhlman's bread basics app.