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What are the best dishes currently at Hiro Yakko San?

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The other thread is a bit outdated so I felt a new one was in order. My mother and I are driving from WPB to Miami to eat here for the first time and we want to make sure we select the best/quintessential items on the menu.

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  1. The old info is good. Their specials change so often that you just have to run with it.

    1. The menu hasn't changed much (other than daily specials, which change ... daily) nor has the way they prepare them. But "best" will depend much on what you like, and "quintessential" is tough because there is much that's good there. Just order what sounds good, it usually will be.

      1. Not Dishes but more like plates....you have to do the Red Salmon Sashimi, the NIRA MOYASHI - Chives and Sprouts veggies that are awesome, The Kalbee- Korean Shortribs that we always order 2 plates of...Garlic Stem Beef... and the black pork belly....my stomach is grumbling just talkin about it...

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          The nira moyashi is even better if you get it with chicken livers - or gizzards.