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Feb 15, 2011 08:47 AM

Gluten & Dairy free dessert

any suggestions? I was thinking about baked apples....

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  1. I recently had this same challenge when a close friend came to dinner. I made the chocolate sorbet from Gourmet, and almond "cookies" from Ottoleghni. My friend said this was the best dessert anyone had ever made him, and several others without these food issues asked for recipes.

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      i have the perfect scoop. maybe i'll make that! thanks!

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        smtucker- do you have a link for the sorbet? I couldn't find it. Also-- is this the right link for the cookies?

      2. We did a soy/gluten/dairy free diet for a week. I got desperate for chocolate in the middle, and I made these:

        Using oil instead of butter, an unsweetened chocolate bar, about 1.5 times the sugar called for, and white rice flour instead of brown (I think you could get away with pretty much any flour here, but if you have an Asian market, you might find a little box of white rice flour cheap. Just make sure it's not glutenous). They were so fantastic that they've become my standby brownie. The only tricky thing is that the unsweetened chocolate is prone to clumping or seizing or whatever you call it. Measure out all the other ingredients before you melt the chocolate, and melt it in a big enough bowl to hold the other ingredients. When you've got it melted, add the sugar while whisking or running the mixer in the chocolate, and add the other ingredients lickity-split as soon as the sugar dissolves. It will look kind of dry and ugly going into the oven, but it's less ugly when it comes out, and it tastes unbelievable.

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          Just so you know, glutinous rice refers to sticky rice. It doesn't actually have any gluten in it and is ok for gluten-free diets.

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            As I recently learned while we were talking about sticky rice. And I think it would work fine for brownies.

        2. any kind of fruit sauteed in little margarine (or coconut oil?) and brown sugar with a shot of rum.


          Meringue-based anything - pavlovas, macarons

          The lovely cake made with whole navel oranges and ground almonds

          1. I have the same ideas as everyone else...

            My favorites include roasted pears (I make the recipe from Smitten Kitten, substituting Earth Balance for butter), coconut milk based ice cream (Coconut Bliss or So Delicious), sorbet, and chocolate tofu pudding.

            Presuming eggs are okay, I love the chocolate/nut/egg cake from Pure Dessert, and meringues would be great as well. You can also make amazing pecan chewy cookies just subbing flour for brown rice flour. I can find the recipes for these if you need.

            1. If you don't mind a bought dessert, those coconut-based ice "creams" are delicious.

              Otherwise, try subsituting dairy-free margarine for the butter in this sinfully rich recipe:


              You do have to have the mochiko, or sweet rice flour. I've tried it with regular rice flour and the texture is all wrong.

              If you don't like coconut, make a fruit salad and drizzle over it a simple syrup flavored with rosewater.