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LITTLE PEPPER College Point is OPEN!!

They just picked up the phone at the new College Point location.
Same chef, same owner, open 2 days - according to the lady who picked up the phone!

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  1. Looking through some old posts I see that the new location is shown as 18-24 College Pt. Blvd.

    Is this correct?

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    1. re: Bob Martinez

      Yes. Brand new awning. You can't miss it!!

      1. re: johnk

        oh good news, thanks for this!

    2. This is a second location, the first is still under renovation, yes?

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      1. re: kathryn

        Same chef, Same owner in CP.
        Why are we worried about renovations?

        1. re: johnk

          I was wondering too, just to know whether the original location had reopened yet. Say, what's the phone number of the new place?

          Little Pepper
          133-43 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11354

          Little Pepper
          18-24 College Point Blvd, Queens, NY 11356

          1. re: squid kun

            Same as the old #. 718-939-7788.
            They indicated the Flushing location may not be open again until late July................
            That means next year if ever.......
            Field Trip to College Point!!

            1. re: johnk

              Thanks so much for reporting the good news!

          2. re: johnk

            Just curious about the first one--it's more convenient to me, as I can take the LIRR to Flushing.

            1. re: kathryn

              It's on my jogging route. Guess where I will be running this, coming weekend :-)
              LIRR doesn't go there, not even close, but there is a Q-bus stop nearby.

              1. re: kathryn

                I was in the neighborhood on Sat and wound up parking on Roosevelt directly across from the original LP location. There was lots of activity going on, with large sheets of dry wall being brought downstairs. I guess we'll see what's actually happening with that location pretty soon.

                By the way, when I wandered into the Flushing Mall for my usual hit of Xi'an's lamb sandwich, I ran into jeffsayyes doing a pot luck'ish food tasting event, where everyone bought $10 worth of food from any of the stalls and everyone else shared. Looked good... too bad I'd eaten.

          3. FYI they are not open for lunch during the week. I rode by today.
            Not sure about the weekends. Did anyone see the hours?

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            1. re: billhill

              As per the sign on the storefront gate, it's open every day except Thursdays from 11 AM to 10 PM. I strolled by today and I learned I was being too impatient. :-)
              There is a Q20, Q65 bus stop nearby. It's like 30 blocks up and 20 across from the nearest LIRR or a subway station, so either driving or taking a bus is recommended.

              1. re: billhill

                so to those who have had meals at the Roosevelt location, any recommendations for seafood dishes? any scallops or fish dishes. My g/f doesn't eat meat. Thanks much.

                1. re: bcmchong

                  Assuming they have kept most if not all of the former menu...

                  Preserved Egg with with Green Peppers in a Spicy Sauce
                  Fried Potatoes in Hot Sauce
                  Cucumbers in Mashed Garlic Sauce
                  Bean Sprouts with Shredded Radish and Carrots in a Spicy Sauce
                  Dried Radishes in Hot Sauce

                  Fresh Fish in Hot Bean Paste
                  Fresh Fish with Bean Curd

                  Braised eel or Braised Sliced Fish or Braised Shrimp in a Spicy Soup Base

                  A good dozen+ vegetable dishes and another dozen+ Chef's Specialties with Frog, eel, Shrimp, Squid, Crab, Fish, etc.

                  1. re: scoopG

                    Went last night at about 7:30. 2 groups of 6-8 people chowing down but that was it. The place is beautiful! Had some spicy cold noodle, cumin lamb and kung pao chicken.
                    Going next weekend for some seafood....
                    They are offering a "preview discount" of 20% off your bill until the end of March!!
                    Parked right across the street. Had a big, spicy smile on my face driving home.
                    John K.

                      1. re: johnk

                        johnK, by chance were you there as a party of two? Were you with a woman who had brown or dark hair?

                          1. re: johnk

                            ...small World...I sat at the table behind you. Glad you enjoyed your meal as much as we did. :)

                            1. re: bcmchong

                              It's a Little Pepper World after all!

                              Little Pepper
                              18-24 College Point Blvd, Queens, NY 11356

                    1. re: bcmchong

                      So I was there last night also...my g/f and I ordered the fried rice cakes with fish slices - the fish was done to perfection, fried potato with pickled cabbage (recommended by the waitress who spoke good English) - I had never had anything like that before and it was very good and twice cooked pork - great flavor but the cut of meat was a little fatty. I also noticed that they had Singapore chili crab on the menu. Really interested in trying that next time.

                      Place was clean and very pleasant. I highly recommend it!

                      1. re: bcmchong

                        Those dishes sound great bcmchong, I just wish this new branch weren't so much farther away. When I heard they were opening on CP Boulevard, I wasn't expecting it to be on the part actually IN College Point!

                        1. re: Jophan

                          Hi Jophan,
                          You make it sound like it's in New Jersey!
                          Real quick bus ride (free transfer from the subway) gets you there!

                  2. I came in last night and the place was practically empty but when I left around 8pm the place was packed. I hope they keep doing brisk business. It's a nice and clean place with the same great food. Also lots of street parking to be had.

                    The owner told my friend that her husband got into an accident and how it'll affect the reopening of the original location. She's not sure if it's indefinitely or postpone.

                    My friend and I tried something new with mushrooms and cured pork. Divine!

                    Little Pepper
                    18-24 College Point Blvd, Queens, NY 11356

                        1. re: johnk

                          OMG, it's like some beautiful dream. You're asleep and somehow Little Pepper has been transformed into a "nice" place, clean, dare I say charming. The menus aren't sticky. A trip to the bathroom doesn't make you shudder. There's someone who speaks good English and can suggest things. The owner looks happy and 10 years younger. There's plentiful parking and you don't travel in fear of running over a hundred pedestrians with each turn. But the food is the same! As I said, OMG.

                          We had been jonesing for this place so badly we stuck with our classics. Incredibly, the cold sesame noodle -- which is without compare in NY, Spicy & Tasty pales beside it, IMO -- does not seem to appear on the menu, though they were happy to serve it. While it was superfluous, we ordered the hot & sour soup just because we had been missing it so much. The beef (or lamb) with cumin in foil -- you know which dish I mean -- was exactly the same, which is to say one of the most amazing dishes you'll ever have. The eggplant in garlic was ever so slightly different, fewer chiles, a touch sweeter, but still amazing. We asked for a couple of Tsingtaos but they didn't have any, they offered two warm bottles of Bud and suggested we hit the grocery down the street for beer (not a problem).

                          Seriously, we come out from Jersey -- not infrequently -- to eat at this place, it's that much better than anything we know in any of the five boros, or the rest of the US for that matter. Little Pepper is back! One day we'll be nostalgic for the dive atmosphere at the old place, and maybe they'll re-open it one day. Doesn't matter -- wherever this guy cooks, that's where we're going. Woo hoo!

                          Spicy & Tasty
                          39-07 Prince St, Queens, NY 11354

                          Little Pepper
                          18-24 College Point Blvd, Queens, NY 11356

                          1. re: delanor

                            The wrapped lamb you mentioned is probably "paper lamb" (on the wall it is 紙包羊肉). It is their chef's specialty and is a most wonderful dish.

                            1. re: diprey11

                              Is the "paper lamb" in foil the same as the cumin lamb in the original restaurant?

                              Hope to get to the new place soon.....

                        2. re: Joe MacBu

                          They're closed on Thursdays - I learned that the hard way.

                          1. re: Joe MacBu

                            We went on Sunday. I wouldn't say the decor is charming, but it was certainly nice to park right outside the restaurant, have a conversation with the waitress with ease, and have the same fabulous food as always. Little Pepper rocks more than ever!

                            Little Pepper
                            18-24 College Point Blvd, Queens, NY 11356

                        3. As good as ever, and with easy parking.

                          Here is the ever present owner, Jacy Wu (sorry if I mangled the name, that is what she wrote for me)

                          Before this picture she went in the back to put on more lipstick.

                          The food was as good as ever....

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                          1. re: driggs

                            I'm taking my friends from Vitamin Water over there for lunch on Tuesday.
                            My cold noodle jones is off the charts.....

                            1. re: driggs

                              Oh, and here is the cook at the old place (he is still with them, although I do miss the old sign)

                              1. re: driggs

                                About the food; It actually seemed better, but perhaps thats just me having had to wait a few months.

                                The tea smoked duck was very different; this time it was simply a whole duck on the bone; No sauce or veggies.

                                Perhaps there are two tea smoked ducks, and we ordered from the wrong part of the menu. Having everything in English is a bit confusing.....

                                1. re: driggs

                                  Went with a party of eleven and had another amazing meal. I spoke to the owner and the waitress, who had seen my picture of her
                                  and read my review on this thread.

                                  She said we had ordered the wrong tea smoked duck (she had read my post on this thread), and she brought us the one I was used to, which is not on the new menu but available. Its getting a bit tiring to say, but it was pretty amazing.

                                  As well as the food being perfect there was a large party celebrating a womens 97th birthday. Her husband was there, and he was 101. Eating at little pepper is not only tasty but health!

                                  1. re: driggs

                                    Can you elaborate as to the difference between the two tea-smoked ducks?
                                    Was one served as a whole duck and the other shredded duck meat?


                                    1. re: erica

                                      Yes the tea smoked duck that is listed as an appetizer is a whole duck on the bone.

                                      The one we had (and used to be listed on old menu) is shredded duck with various sauces and veggies.

                                      Both are good, but to me the shredded duck is amazing.

                                      1. re: driggs

                                        Funny, I'm not usually a fan of tea smoked duck but we get it every time we go to LP. We much prefer the appetizer version which is just duck, nothing else. The "Shredded Tea Smoked Duck with Ginger" under Chef's Specialties doesn't have nearly enough duck for our tastes, nor do we love the sauce.

                                        I truly hope that the duck appetizer is now a whole duck. It used to be only half a duck and specifically said so on the menu. At $6.95 it was truly a bargain. At $15, not so much.

                                        I've been out of the country and haven't been to LP since they moved, but in looking at the menu posted above and comparing it to my old take-out menu, too many of the prices have gone up by 30-50%, or in the case of the duck maybe 100%. It's still good food obviously, and I'll still go, I'm just not happy about it.

                            2. I have never been to Little Pepper, and I just got my transmission rebuilt so I want to take the car out for a spin with a Chinese-speaking houseguest. I see all sorts of recommendations for dishes, but I'd like to know if there are any dishes to avoid. Thanks.

                              Little Pepper
                              18-24 College Point Blvd, Queens, NY 11356

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                              1. re: JH Jill

                                Deer penis soup? Not sure if you have it at the new place though.

                                1. re: JH Jill

                                  Am pouring over the old and new menus now. Do you have any particular concerns Jill?

                                  1. re: JH Jill

                                    You like intense flavors, heat and spice? Do you fear pools of chile oil? If the answers are "yes" and "no" respectively, then just put yourself in the owner's gracious hands.

                                    1. re: squinchy

                                      Had some delicious pork belly today.

                                      1. re: johnk

                                        Ahhhh, the pork belly. Got to go back and get me some more of that!

                                        1. re: johnk

                                          Are you referring to the preserved pork with mushrooms dish? It's my current favorite there but I'd love to try another pork belly dish.

                                          1. re: sharonj

                                            No, it's on the appetizer section of the menu ,Sllced Pork Belly with Chili-Garlic Sauce..

                                    2. I went for lunch this week and just had some appetizer bamboo shoots and a Beef Noodle Soup. It wasn't their specialties, but it was good. I also had quite a talk with Nora, the English-speaking waitress (and showed them their pictures on the internet). She says that the owners have bought the College Point building and are not going to reopen the Roosevelt Ave location. This one is clean and roomy. I may go back with a Chinese friend for some fish. They told me that reservations are required on weekends, although I went around 3:00 on Sunday, and by the time I finished I was the only one there.

                                      1. This past week marked the ancient (circa Tang Dynasty) and venerated Chinese Holiday of Tomb Sweeping Day (清明节 -Qing1 Ming2 Jie2.) The tradition of tomb dusting in mid-Spring originated in the 8th century. What better way to celebrate a visit to Flushing Cemetery to pay homage to Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie and Muriel Ostriche than a “quiet but fiery” meal at Little Pepper?

                                        They’ve tweaked the new menu a little bit. Gone are the Chicken Leg, Rabbit, Beef Jerky, Pig Ear, Kelp and Pork Stomach appetizers. In are new Crab, Lobster and Sea Cucumber dishes. Fourteen lunch specials at $6.50 each are offered daily (except Thursdays!) from 11 am to 4 pm and include rice and soup. Of note are the seven new Griddle Cooked entrees.

                                        Griddle (干鍋 Gan1 Guo1) Cooking appears to have originated with the Miao minority that today are found in China (Hunan, Guizhou and Yunnan) as well as in Cambodia, Laos and Viet Nam. In olden times within walled family homes in Yunnan and Guizhou, a pit was dug and a fire started. Then an iron griddle was placed on top. Dishes were mixed and spices added (with little or no stock) and then thrown on the griddle.

                                        Our Griddle Cooked Mushrooms with Sliced Pork was savorous; with sliced pork belly, bracken and bell peppers. The Beef Noodle Soup was unlively but the rest of the parade excelled. Our favorite dish was the one we were discouraged from ordering twice! Braised Whole Fish with Hot Chili and Scallions: smoky, piquant with a slight hint of sourness. Make sure to ladle some of the sauce over your rice. Other satiating preparations:

                                        Ox Organs in Chili Sauce
                                        Preserved Eggs with Green Chili Peppers
                                        Won Tons in Hot Sauce
                                        Sautéed Diced Chicken with Chili and Peppers – Chongqing Style
                                        Shredded Pork with Bamboo Shoots
                                        Shredded Potatoes with Pickled Cabbage
                                        Spicy Whole Green peppers in Salt and Sour Sauce


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                                        1. re: scoopG

                                          oh i love that pidan dish! i had this in HK last summer, it was the 2nd best pidan dish ive ever had (first goes to yung kee in HK)....definitely need to try

                                            1. re: rschwim

                                              preserved eggs sometimes called thousand year eggs....they are black eggs in scoopG's pics

                                          1. re: scoopG

                                            Beautiful pics! I love their shredded pork with bamboo shoots! I need to go there soon.

                                            What do those eggs taste like?

                                            1. re: erica

                                              erica, have you had the preserved eggs at Szechuan Gourmet in Manhattan? There they call it "Thousand Years Old Egg with Green Chili Jam." Both are delicious. Soft, creamy and packed with spiciness. To me it is what makes LP and GS the best Sichuan spots in town as they are the only places that dare to serve it!

                                              Also - I put an email address in my profile for you to contact me. Did that before but you did not see it! I'll remove in 3-4 days.

                                              1. re: scoopG

                                                Scoop...I just sent it!

                                                I never had the preserved eggs, but do remember seeing "1000-year-old eggs" piled into straw baskets in HK street markets..

                                              2. re: erica

                                                Eating a Pidan egg is definitely an acquired taste.

                                                First there is the texture, with the gooey and creamy soft yolk center and the gelatin outer layer, then there is the slight smell of sulfur and ammonia, and finally the taste has a slight bitter alkali flavor, but with the total combination of the smell, texture, and taste, the Pidan egg is not an easy food for most non-Asians to eat.

                                                Among our non-Asian friends who can eat most Chinese foods, most cannot stomach Pidan. One friend said he wanted to throw up after eating a piece of Pidan. Unless you grew up as a child eating Pidan eggs like most Chinese, most likely you will not like them.

                                                We grew up eating Pidan eggs with pickled scallions.

                                                If you ever happen to be in Hong Kong and go to the Yung Kee restaurant as mentioned by “Lau,” you will get the opportunity to try Pidan, as every table is automatically given a small dish of Pidan, which BTW is not free, but is charged to your table.

                                                If there is further interest in learning about Pidan eggs, here is a Wikipedia link (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Century_egg) with more information.

                                                The ScoopG pictures of the Pidan eggs at Picasaweb, does not quite do proper justice to the glory of the Pidan eggs. The best way to eat Pidan eggs is to knock them down straight accompanied with pickled scallions or pickled ginger, rather than cooked, as one loses some of the unique flavor of the Pidan eggs during the cooking process.

                                                Below is a picture of the Pidan in all its glory with the green runny yolk and the black-amber colored gelatin egg white. Do you find the picture of the Pidan appropriately appetizing that you would want to immediately wolf one down? (LOL)

                                                1. re: lwong

                                                  the one with the ginger at yung kee is so damn good...the sichuan style is my next favorite, but i dont think u can beat the kind with the ginger

                                                  you are correct though, ive actually never ordered pidan for a non-asian b/c its just too different for most people

                                            2. Finally made it to this place after a few years of wanting to go (never made it to the old location and then it closed down) and all I can say is, "Wow!" It was definitely the best sichuan food we have had in NYC. We ordered:

                                              lamb with cumin
                                              sichuan fried rice
                                              dry sauteed string beans
                                              noodles with minced beef in spicy sauce
                                              fish filets with hot and spicy sauce (can't actually remember what this was called, but it's the one with the fish, yellow bean sprouts, and cabbage swimming in a spicy oily red sauce
                                              mapo dofu

                                              Everything was great. The noodle dish was particularly good because we've been getting some bad, overcooked dan dan noodles lately and these noodles were perfectly chewy and fresh. This dish is like dan dan but with beef and not pork and no veggies.

                                              Wish I'd read this thread right before I went because we really wanted tea smoked duck with string beans or ginger but didn't think they had it since I didn't see it on the menu. We were starving when we got there and didn't peruse the menu as carefully as we should have, but I'll pay more attention on return visits. The owner was lovely and I knew the meal was going to be great from the moment they put the peanuts and the delicious pickled cabbage with sichuan peppercorns on the table.

                                              I can't believe it took me so long to get here, but we will be going back. a lot.

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                                              1. re: missmasala

                                                Went here for the first time. All I have to say is this is some of the best food I have ever had in my life. The folks here clearly get - it when it comes to covering all the bases in terms of freshness, cleanliness, and flavor.
                                                For anyone looking for a real authentic flavor of Schicuan-style cooking..this is one of the rare places that exist in the area.

                                                I cant wait to go back and will certainly need to take more people so that I can try many more dishes.

                                                Cumin Lamb
                                                Fried potatoes with pickled cabbage

                                                Both were unlike any dish I have ever had.

                                                1. re: FoodExpression

                                                  We've been going regularly since it opened in College Point as it is SO easy to find parking. Our current favorites are the pork belly, cumin lamb and any of the whole fish entrees.

                                                  I've seen many other patrons eating the braised dishes and I'm looking forward to trying those as well. Can anyone make any suggestions?

                                                  1. re: EatontheRun

                                                    I need to go with more people so that I can order more food! I went solo for lunch and ordered two things...

                                                  2. re: FoodExpression

                                                    Together with 8 friends, I had an outstanding dinner at Little Pepper this week. The food seemed to me to be superior even to the fare at the original on Roosevelt Avenue. And the new incarnation is quite spiffy and spacious.

                                                    We began with a slew of appetizers:

                                                    SPICY BEEF SLICES AND BEEF INTESTINE. The classic Szechuan appetizer, Married Couple's Beef, this arrived in place of the dish A1 on the paper menu designated "Beef Lungs in Chili Sauce." I did not try but by all accounts, it was a winner.

                                                    SCALLION PANCAKE. Although northern rather than Szechuan in origin, this was one of the better renditions I've had in New York. Served with chili sauce. I would order again.

                                                    BAMBOO SHOOTS IN CHILI SAUCE. Excellent.

                                                    SZECHUAN PICKLED VEGETABLE. Predominantly cabbage, this dish replicated in larger portion the very good complimentary pickled vegetable dish provided at the start of the meal, with the addition of a piquant dark (chili?) served on top.

                                                    DAN DAN NOODLES. Moderate heat; perfect texture, this was another hit.

                                                    DRIED BEAN CURD AND CELERY. Slices of bean curd tossed with ribbons of celery, this off-menu item, a classic Szechuan cold dish, was the winner of the appetizer group and contender for Best in Show.

                                                    MAIN COURSES

                                                    HOME STYLE FRESH FISH WITH PORK AND CHILI SAUCE. The chef presented the tilapia before cooking. Whole fish presented in a pool of spicy chili sauce flavored with pork. Not a favorite, mostly due to the tilapia issue. I'd like to bring my own fish next time and wonder if the chef would consent to prepare for a fee.

                                                    DRIED SAUTEED STRING BEANS. Best rendition I've ever had.

                                                    SAUTEED SNOW PEA LEAVES. Impeccably fresh, lightly stir fried. Could not be improved upon.

                                                    SHREDDED TEA SMOKED DUCK. I need a few new adjectives. Excellent.

                                                    SHREDDED PORK WITH BAMBOO SHOOTS. A classic Little Pepper dish and a personal favorite. Prepared as requested without spice. Outstanding.

                                                    MEAT BALL IN GARLIC SAUCE. One of the best dishes I've ever eaten in Flushing, these were small pork meatballs bathed in the famous "fish-fragrant" sauce discussed by Fuchsia Dunlap in her classic Szechuan cookbook and in this CH thread:



                                                    The only beer on offer that night was Budweiser but take-out from a nearby deli is well tolerated, and was even suggested, by the congenial staff. Together with a few beers, the bill totalled $21 per person. There was only one other table of diners on a Tuesday night. Little Pepper is so good that I would walk there from the #7 train in good weather. Thankfully, there is a bus, as well as easy street parking. CASH ONLY.

                                                    Little Pepper
                                                    18-24 College Point Blvd, Queens, NY 11356

                                                    1. re: erica

                                                      sounds awesome particularly the meat balls

                                                      how did you get there btw? i like LP alot, but haven't gone there since they moved to college point

                                                      1. re: Lau

                                                        Lau we drove, but there are 2 or 3 bus lines that go there from the #7 Flushing station:
                                                        Q65; Q22 and Q44. The trip takes 22 minutes, give or take a few.

                                                        But double check; these are the ones I found on the MTA site before I settled on driving.

                                                        1. re: erica

                                                          yah i think im just going to get a zipcar one day and go over there, its def the most authentic of the sichuan places in my opinion

                                                          btw i finally had a good fish at a chinese restaurant in NY, ill write it up for you (I don't like most freshwater fish for the same reason as you, its got that muddy taste that i dont like)

                                                            1. re: Lau

                                                              I know what you mean. Many believe that saltwater fish have a more varied diet in colder waters and are hardier fish all around.

                                                        2. re: erica

                                                          Great report, Erica. I was there on Monday, and it was pretty busy (probably because of the holiday). We had hot pot with like 8 cooked dishes. So good (my fav dish is the poached pork belly with chili sauce), and such a bargain!

                                                          I'm sure if you bring your own fish in they will cook it for you. If I catch a big blackfish on the boat I would bring my catch to Flushing and have them make a couple dishes out of it. I only do it with bigger blackfish though. These fish just can't be done right at home. You need the high flame of a restaurant. You can tell them how to prepare the fish, also.

                                                          FYI, there's a beer distributor on about 1/2 mile away on 14th Ave, to the west of Five Guys. Selection isn't the greatest but better than that deli nearby. I always pick my beer up there before heading to Little Pepper.

                                                          Han's Beer & Soda
                                                          131-21 14th Ave, Queens, NY 11356

                                                          1. re: erica

                                                            Yes, thanks erica for the updated report! I've had some of these dishes recently and our group was fully sated! We asked about which fish they had and the Chef also presented us with a Tilapia!


                                                            1. re: scoopG

                                                              those dan dan noodles look very good

                                                              1. re: Lau

                                                                Not too bad. Too much chili oil IMO but they were devoured!

                                                                1. re: scoopG

                                                                  I'm not sure whether or not they were authentic, but I gotta say that they were some of the best I've had in recent memory. Excellent (very tasty) meat to noodle ratio and the noodles were well made and held their own in the oil. I've never been a fan of Little Pepper in their old location, but this dinner in the new location puts them on my short list of "go to" places. However, it is really out of the way for those without a car.... I wondered why they moved all the way up there into College Point. And an almost empty room made me wonder all the more.

                                                                  1. re: Steve R

                                                                    I often wonder why they moved out there as well, but the place is completely jammed as often as it is empty, on my visits. I don't go there often enough to know what their average is day is like though, probably about once a month.