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Feb 15, 2011 08:17 AM

Using infrared temperature gun

Since I use an infrared temperature gun to see how hot my pans are before I add food, I always wonder what the temperature of the pan should be for the admonitions or suggestions:

"use medium heat" - I work toward a heated pan of 275

"use medium-high heat" - I usually work for a heated pan of 325

"Use high heat" - I usually work toward a heated pan of 350

Would I be offbase to use these parameters?

P.S. Usually I let my pans heat up fairly slowly.

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  1. I believe your estimates are close enough to do the job. The readings of your infrared thermometer will vary depending on how close the instrument is to the heat source, the ability of its circuitry to respond to changes of "target zones", whether or not your pan contains oil and how much oil it contains, etc. A drop of water deposited into a medium pan will roll about while it quickly evaporates. In a medium pan it will sizzle and skip and in a high temp. pan it will sizzle and evaporate almost immediately.