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Austin Apps and Blogs

I thought it would be good to have a thread sharing indispensable Austin-centric apps and food blogs. I have yet to find any great food apps for my ipod touch, so here are a couple of quick reviews.

Austin Way promises 60-something apps in one handy-dandy icon, but I have yet to find any of them particularly *useful*. It seems like it may be doing too much, as any greatness is obscured by a molasses slow interface.

Though not as slow, Food Trucker also fails to deliver. This app promises to go out and grab twitter updates from all your fave trailers, but as near as I can tell....it has about 10 trailers programmed. Maybe I could program more. By the time I figured out how to do that however, I could get on Twitter and know where I'm going.

I don't follow a lot of local food blogs (most of what I have found is too....cutes-y). Forklore is in the RSS feed, and I was quite happy to see the Chow team give Virginia Wood some props-I find her writing and sensibility to be in step with my own, and have resolved to try the Carillon based on her pounding the table for their greatness. The Chronicle website leaves a bit to be desired however in terms of search.

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  1. Mick Vann over on the Chronicle is always a good read as is the following

    scrumptiouschef com

    There's an austin food blog thread on food media on chowhound as well

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      Man Up Texas BBQ and Citizen Taco have gone in the RSS feed. Thanks!

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        i stumbled across scrumptiuschef.com and got stuck looking at a couple months worth of daily photos. i liked this one


      2. food trucker's iphone app was also a disappointment for me.
        it's clunky, and only parses a small amount of twitter feeds.
        i ended up deleting it.

        1. I don't know who Virginia Wood is but she certainly loses credibility with me if she is pounding on the table for the greatness of Carillon. We have eaten there 3 times and believe that are any number of places where your dining dollars are better spent. I was invited there for a free dinner through an organization I belong to and I am not even bothering to go. Well, that's just me.

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            We've had some great meals at Carillon, what was your issues singlemalt? I thought the flavors were solid, dishes perfectly cooked. Only issues are location and space.

          2. i couldn't sleep at 4am the other night, so i started flipping through foodporndaily.com which led me to googling the FPD bloggiest and coming across a Top 30 or something food blog list. enjoying Serious Eats a lot and Homesick Texan. But Austin-wise, http://austin.eater.com/ is pretty informative.

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              i also have serious eats and homesick texan bookmarked for regular perusal.
              two austin blogs i like that i always forget to check are:

              boots in the oven


              taco journalism

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                Taco Journalism has an app of sorts, but it's really just a portal to their site with a map (if I recall correctly)

                I like their reviews but the app needed some work last I checked

            2. A good friend of mine's blog (and a poster on this board, I'm sure you're well aware):

              Also a fan of Austin 360's Liquid blog for all things beverage related. Patrick Beach is my favorite beer writer in the entire state:

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                Patrick Beach is no longer (for the most part) running the Liquid blog. Emma Jantzen is, and while still covering beer, is also including more coverage on other goings on with alcohol.

                Not sure where Beach went.

                Lee Nichols (from the chronicle) also has a beer blog that is somewhat updated.

                is another beer blog that keeps on top of releases and rumors pretty well.

                is yet another beer blog that tends to have more interviews and stuff of brewers/events going on. Not updated quite a much as craft austin.

                The austin beer blogs aren't updated nearly as frequently as say portland based beer blogs, but they are gaining speed due to the growing beer 'scene' here with the ton of brewery openings.

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                  That's good information to know and I'll be sure to email Beach. I have all the blogs you'd mentioned on my Google Reader already, but I just really preferred Beach's coverage/style.