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Specialty shaped cakes in MoCo? maybe NoVa

I need a cake for a St Patrick's Day birthday. I am thinking about getting one shaped liked a 4 leaf clover. So i need a place that does something other than standard sheet and round. I searched the board and saw really only two choices - Randolph's and Fluffy Thoughts.

1) Does anyone know of any other places, particularly in MoCo (along 270 corridor area )?
2) Anyone with any thoughts about the two i mentioned would be great also.

I would prefer not to have to go get it in NoVA, but i will. The areas of MoCo outside of the 270 corridor would, for me, be probably more of a pain than just going to NoVa.

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  1. Leslie's Fancy Cakes in Gaithersburg. She did our wedding cake because we wanted a US Capitol and a Florida Gator for a grooms cake. She did an outstanding job - the Gator cake was especially memorable. And shockingly, I thought the cake tasted better than it did at the tasting. This is all budget dependent of course...it wasn't cheap.

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      Thanks! She was in the kentlands, right? not there anymore, but down in downtown Bethesda. No picnic, but definitely a place that i cannot believe i didn't think about. i'll have to add it to my list. Honestly, i don't think any place is going to be particularly economical.

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        Yes, she was definitely in the Kentlands. This was back in 2007.

    2. how about using Duff (aka ace of cakes) in Baltimore?

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        I think he would make Leslie look economical. If you are open to Bethesda, then Just Cakes would probably be another option.

        Just Cakes
        4849 Rugby Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

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          I had thought about Duff. But i agree that i think Duff would end up being astronomical. And baltimore certainly would not be convenient. Unless maybe my cake ended up on tv? LOL!

          I looked at the Just Cakes website. it didnt seem to me as though they did cakes that i was looking for. i jsut looked again and i guess i didnt really see some of the other stuff they do - other than standard cakes.

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            never hurts to check with duff and price it out

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              in looking at the websties, i saw this on Duff's:

              Due to the care we give to each cake and the one-of-a-kind nature of each order, we require a minimum of $1000 on all of our cakes.

              Yeah, i definitely am not in need of a 1K cake at this time. My wedding cake was not even that much (granted i didn't get married in this area, so things were cheaper, but still).

        2. It's not very hard to make one using a Wilton's pan or a square cake and 2 rounds. It's hard to find a good custom cake without spending a small fortune.

          Just a thought--you might try calling L'Academie de Cuisine in Gaithersburg to see if one of their professional pastry students would do one freelance for you. That would definitely cost less than a pro shop. (301) 670-8670 ‎

          1. I've been inside Classic Bakery but it was so crowded I walked out without buying anything. They seem to have only cookies and cakes.


            Classic Bakery
            18503 N Frederick Ave, Gaithersburg, MD 20879

            1. Just Cakes in Bethesda. Worth looking around, just do yourself a favor and mapquest before you go. They have good stuff and would be a total bargain compared to Charm City!

              Just Cakes
              4849 Rugby Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

              Charm City Cafe
              Baltimore, MD, Baltimore, MD

              1. I second Fancy Cakes by Leslie in Bethesda. Amazing.

                1. I ended up choosing Fluffy Cakes. I will write more specifics later, but i wanted to say how incredibly disappointed I am with the cake. I am very sorry I didn't go with Leslie, or maybe even Randolph, even if they would have been more expensive. Never again will i use Fluffy Thoughts.

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                    wow what happened with fluffy thoughts? Our wedding cake from them was amazing in both looks and taste (people asked for their contact info they loved it so much). I've been reading more and more mixed reviews - maybe they're taking on too much business? I loved them from start to finish, but I definitely see them more busy than ever, so maybe that impact them?

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                      Sorry, I haven't been on in forever. Numerous family health issues. Here is my experience:

                      First, I was a bit put off. I made an appointment. She stated that she might be late b/c she had to pick up and drop off her child. Ok. Except that when she did get there, she proceeded to help a walk in. I was sitting there in plain view, waiting, with a screaming child. Keeping entertained is often no small feat. That gave me bad feelings about the place; I should have heeded those and left then.

                      Initially, I scheduled the pick up for 4pm b/c my husband was going to pick it up. Then plans changed and I called and asked to move it to 2, so I wouldn’t have to fight all the Friday traffic back up to upper MoCo. They said no. Ok, fine.

                      When I arrived to pick it up, the IdiotFrontCounterGuy (yes, in my opinion he is a complete dunce - you’ll see why I think so) brought out the cake on a cake board and said, “Here you go.” I was stunned. No box? The cake was about the size of ½ - ¾ sheet cake. I said that I could not take it that way, I had a long way to drive (which I also knew was going to be completely stop and go). He said they had no boxes. I asked how could a CAKE place have no cake boxes? He shrugged and said they never had any cake boxes. The girl who “fixed” the frosting holes (below) offered me a cupcake box to cover the cake.

                      Then I noticed other things. One, the overall icing was done very, very badly. To me it looked like it was only “dirty iced”. There were holes where there was no frosting at all. I did ask for that to be fixed. A girl came out, took it, and came back. Sorta, kinda filled in one hole. But in my opinion, in no way fixed the frosting properly.

                      Second, the cake was to have gold lettering. Specifically, when I spoke with the owner, the lettering would be gold and a gold dusting for the cake (over green icing). The lettering was yellow. Gross, awful, yellow. I hate yellow and would have NEVER agreed to its use on the cake. I stated to IdiotFrontCounterGuy that it was supposed to be gold. He stated that the icing was gold. I said it was not. This went back and forth. He said it could be considered gold. I pointed to the cakes on display behind him and pointed out the gold on those cakes and that my icing was definitely not gold - those looked nothing like my cake. AND I stated that the contract stated gold. He pretended to try to find my receipt in their book. I pulled out my copy. He looked at it and his response was a shrug and, “nothing can be done.” No offer to get anyone. Nothing at all but his blank stare.

                      Third, the lettering was completely amateurish. It looked like they let someone off the street do it. I KNOW I could have done a better job myself. Really, I should have just gone ballistic and made a scene. But I was tired, stressed, and frankly needed a cake for the party the next day. And I dislike making scenes. But I very much regret not doing so. And, I had already paid in full when I ordered, so I couldn’t even threaten not to pay the rest.

                      I stewed more and more and when I got home, even called but was told there was no one there with whom I could speak. But what would I do, bring the cake back all the way to McLean? The treatment was so bad thus far, I didn’t think they would do anything for me anyway. I was stuck with that cake or no cake for the party. So I complained after the fact. When I finally spoke to someone, she said to me, “oh, we could have fixed that (referring to the lettering and border frosting). That actually only served to enrage me further. Really? Then why didn’t Idiot say/ do something?!?! She didn’t know and, it seemed to me, didn’t care all that much. Clearly there is no plan for helping customers at the time; only shoo them out of the store.

                      I mentioned the “dirty iced” appearance of the overall cake. She stated that is what buttercream looks like. I don’t think so! Any cake I have frosted didn’t look like that. And my wedding cake was all buttercream; no fondant except little decorations. It definitely didn’t look like that. (Married out of state, so that vendor was not an option).

                      I told her about the box issue – or lack thereof. She stated they had cake boxes and she didn’t know why he did that.

                      So essentially she didn’t know why any of what happened, happened; hopefully they can get things right in the future. All I flet was conveyed was “too bad for me”. Sorry, but there was nothing to be done now. Some lip service about commitment to customer service, but basically too bad. THEN she had the nerve to try to guilt me, stating that they had to order special pans to make my cake. That isn’t my problem! They agreed to make the cake. The logistics are not my problem! They screwed up the final product. And they didn’t even have a freakin’ cake box!

                      Of course, they don’t give refunds. I hadn’t even yet asked; she just stated that right off the bat. She offered to make me a deal on a future cake. I said that I would never be getting a cake from them again. She stated she could give me a free dozen cupcakes. Really? You did NOT give me that which we contracted. Screwed up the cake for a very special occasion, but here are some cupcakes? Besides, I had a couple of their cupcakes; I was unimpressed. So basically nothing for me but disappointment and aggravation. Oh and the guilt trip. Gee, thanks so much.

                      So really, I see that I made mistakes here. One, deciding to go against my initial gut feeling and still order a cake from FT. Two, not overlooking my need and exhaustion and just throwing a huge hissy fit so that someone other than IdiotFrontCounterGuy showed their face and maybe something would have actually been done about the lettering and border frosting (and maybe box). Honestly, at the time, considering what went down to that point, I really felt that they didn’t care and wouldn’t help me in any way. They already had my money, so who cares. Yeah – I had paid in full when I ordered.

                      Clearly I should have paid the extra and gone to Leslie. It would have been much closer to home and maybe I would have received what I ordered. It would have cost more, but maybe I would have received what I ordered. I feel the cake I got I could have done myself. I wasn’t even all that impressed with the flavor of the cake and frosting. Maybe that sounds like sour grapes and piling on, but that is what I think. I have definitely had far more superior cakes.
                      I know this is a not a life catastrophe, but I was really upset. It was for a very important event. I hated the cake, and felt that FT was rotten and awful in their treatment of me.

                      In my opinion, they only care about the wedding cakes, b/c those are a bigger ticket item. They didn’t care about my cake, and they clearly don’t care about customer service. This couldn’t be the first of issues with IdiotFrontCounterGuy. At the very least, someone else needs to be in charge of the cake pickup.