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Feb 15, 2011 07:06 AM


First review is online:


I'm really looking forward to this place and plan on going for lunch Saturday. The blog photos above look outstanding! Shame about the tacky decor and space though...

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  1. I went yesterday, It was nicely packed at around 8 oclock until the end of the evening.
    The place can take approximately 60-70 places + bar. Service is 'tapas' style
    The kitchen is open and part of the room.

    I had the Lobster, Burata and Sweetbreads. Sweetbread were great melting in the mouth, thick crispy crust. This dish would only have benefits from a bit of sauce with the sweetbreads as I didn't find the eggplant puree to be enough.

    Also, Scallops, polenta and Pork Belly.

    Pork Belly was great, the scallops was nicely cook but I would have prefer a less thick coloration as it made a very thick crust. Polenta was more of melted cheese than polenta and a bit gooey, but the flavor were good. It just missed something to tie this dish together, everything was just good seperatly.

    My dad had the soup of celery, bacon, foie gras. Everything was good, only the soup was too liquid.

    He then had the cavatelli of veal cheek, this dish was a bit one tone, with the sauce being boring.

    Dessert were ok, but they don't seem to care too much about it.

    Overall we had a good experience and they were no major flaws. The service started nicely but as the place fulled up we were a bit let to ourselves. I think it's normal for a new restaurant as they need some times to get the pace.

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      I am going on the 23rd - can't wait!!!

    2. Do they have a web site?
      I can't seem to find it.

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        I doesn't seem they have their own website yet, here's the menu, off the restaurant opening thread:

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          What's the price range for mains? Looks pricey...

          1. re: amylnitrate

            As far as I understand, most dishes are "large" entrées (french word, not the english version). and normally one would order 2, maybe 3 of them for a regular meal. so that would be about 40$ (max) per person without wine and service.

            There are 3 large 2 person dishes

        2. Short report: we went last night - no trouble getting a reservation but I'm not sure why, as the place was packed! The staff were on the run but very friendly, helpful and enthusiastic overall. We did not feel encouraged to linger - but I can see why, with the lineup at the door. Fine with us, anyway.
          The food: we started with beausoleil oysters. They offer a bunch of interesting-sounding enhancements but we just had them with a bit of lemon. I'm not an oyster expert but found them tasty, if not perfectly-shucked (a couple were still stuck to the shell a bit - kind of embarassing to try and eat). We tried the onion rings, which were odd (seemed like the onions were pickled; and fried in a puffy batter) but pretty good. The crab risotto and the black cod were very good but my favourites were the pork belly with scallop and the squash ravioli - YUM! Amazing. Wanted to lick the plates. I had the pork belly at La Montée last week and would say this one was as good or better. Desserts: chocolate cake with cranberries, and lemon meringue tart. Both were good but we particularly liked the tart. Two of us shared everything and were pleasantly full. With two glasses of wine, it came to about $130; so a splurge for us, but very worth it! We'll have to save up and go back again ASAP - if we can get in. Please note: it's possible that I am a bit overenthusiastic because of the novelty and my excitement at having something new in the neighbourhood :) Also, compared to some hounds, I don't to a ton of high-end dining, so I am perfectly happy with things others might quibble over, like, say, "squash with sage, yawn"...

          1. Stopped by after work (and gym) tonight.

            @ around 18:30, 1/4 full, but getting busier as the hours advanced... near full house @ 19:30.

            Interesting decor, quite in league with what we can find at Le Club Chasse et Peche, also quite discreet from the outside; fashionable, yet subdued and cozy and welcoming; comfy bar stools! (+1 in my book).

            Food and drinks... nice wine list, menu looks to be the same as what is posted in another answer (prices are different for some Items, I think)

            Sparkling was served in "old-school" coupe, not flute!!! I liked that, good enough for Chidaine's Mont-Louis mousseux; with that 3 tasty "hot" oysters with a gratin of miso.

            Followed by the Pieuvre with bone marrow and spicy-ish tomatoes (very good, but could have been a bit more "charred"); with a side of roasted root veggies (but the onion rings looked awesome).

            For desert, a chocolate cake/mousse with marshmallows; nice, not too sweet ..

            The damage : $100 for food, booze (4 glasses) and tip and service.

            A go back kind of place.

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            1. re: Maximilien

              Hey Maximilien
              would this be a kind of place to bring your parents? I can't decide between trying this place out or taking my folks to Kitchen Galerie. I'd appreciate your opinion.

              Kitchen Galerie
              60 Rue Jean-Talon E, Montreal, QC H2R1S5, CA

              1. re: Mandarine

                i walk by every day and it definitely looks like the sort of place you'd take your parents to

                1. re: Mandarine

                  I think so, the setting is nice, chairs look comfortable (I was at the bar); menu is fish oriented, and portion size make it easy to mix'n'match to fit your particular hunger (add 1 or 2 sides)

                  I admit, I did not really take note of the noise level since I was there alone, but it did not seems so noisy.

                  I tell you this because I went to Le Comptoir for my mother's birthday last week and dad complained (sp?) about the noise at the end of the meal (but we were about to leave anyway); and from what I remember, it looked to be less noisy (or more dampered)


                  1. re: Maximilien

                    It's the sort of place you could definitely take your parents. Chairs are a bit hard at the tables, but not bad. When hubby and I arrived, around 7:30 pm last Friday, a good number of patrons at the tables appeared to be well into their 60s, although the crowd grew younger as the evening progressed (but still, it doesn't seem to be attracting an exceptionally young crowd - probably because it's not exceptionally inexpensive...). All in all, we had a wonderful meal, and I would recommend it. Kind of like Chasse et Peche lite... and better than Kitchen Galerie IMHO (although Kitchen Galerie is fine, but I think the service is more polished and the setting a bit nicer at Le Filet)

                    1. re: cherylmtl

                      Thanks Cheryl and Max. I think my parents will love it. Reservations made!

                      1. re: Mandarine

                        I went on Saturday night. Overall it was ok.

                        Firstly I am a huge fan of Club chasse et Peche. It is my favorite restaurant in MTL. This "review" will compare Le Filet to CCeP because we chose this restaurant because we such fans. Secondly, I was not expecting a "tapas" style menu a Le Filet. My mistake for not checking. We were a group of 6, so we needed to scramble to try and make things work. We did. We went with all the RAW and all the Sea dishes. We were told to order multiples of each if everyone wanted to try. That being said, while the prices may seem reasonable at first glance, they add up quickly with a large group. All the food was good. We has just enough food. Was it as good as CCeP, no. But it was ok. The ambiance is very "plateau" a youngish beauftiful hip crowd, lots of noise. No complaints. The staff on the other hand is not as seasoned as CCeP. One thing you can count on at CCeP is excellent service. Our waitress was not familiar with all the ingredients which led to a slight allergy emergency which was quickly remedied but which could have been much worse. Saying that, the owner quickly apologized and we were treated to complementary desserts and digestives. Would I go back. On a romantic date for two, yes. But in a group. Nah. I'd save a few more pennies and head back to my favorite.