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Feb 15, 2011 07:03 AM

meyer lemons, too many ideas for using for gifting food to make sought - moved from Spirits board

After reading many discussions here about lemoncello, for which all are thanked,
we aborted a plan to make meyerlemoncello until we can get organic lemons, also more carefully chosen.
BTW, we are likely to follow the recipe from .

the limoncella was intended to be made for a a charity auction item (for later delivery).
now we have all those lemons. and would ideally like to use them for more than lemonade.

Auction is next month, so it would need to be a preserve of some sort.

These are Wholefoods non organic but fresh (leaves and all) lemons.

oh yes, our kitchen set up is not good for making jam or marmalade.

I was thinking lemon curd. Any recipes or other ideas welcome!

or keeping it simple, advice of freezing the juice welcome--worth it?

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  1. I have a crap kitchen and I make preserves - I think it's a matter of compartmentalizing. One day you cut and macerate, another day cook down (if need be), another day bring to boil and can - or just do very small batches! You can do it! (What can I say, I'm a canning cheerleader!)

    I can't top the LA Times list of 101 things to do with meyer lemons:

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      thanks. for the link. looks like problem solved in one click.'
      as the kitchen I should say it is in a loft space with in house ventilation which makes lots of boiling not recommended for the rest of the stuff in the space and for the moisture level generally which is unusually high..

    2. Just made this marmalade and it was very easy. The recipe calls for one blood orange, which gives a lovely peachy color to the finished product. I used a thermometer, but the "chilled saucer" method that they describe worked too. The only difficult part was slicing the lemons with my miserable knife! It doesn't need to be processed and lasts in the fridge for two months.