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Feb 15, 2011 06:56 AM

meyer lemons, too many ideas for using for gifting food to make sought


We aborted a plan to make meyerlemoncello a a charity auction item, and now want to use all those lemons ideally in a form that could be used for that purpose or other gifts.
These are Wholefoods non organic but fresh (leaves and all) lemons.

oh yes, our kitchen set up is not good for making jam or marmalade.

  1. You might consider making a lot of simple syrup, and putting it into attractive jars. In a small basket, include 6 lemons to a half-pint jar of syrup and include a recipe for fresh lemonade or hot toddies.. You can also preserve the lemons in salt to use for cooking. (peel only, ever.)
    Lemon bars? Lemon jelly candies?
    Meyer Lemon/white chocolate cheesecakes, mini?
    Jars of lemon curd; attach a recipe for Pavlova.
    If you come up with nothing, squeeze and strain the lemons; place in ziploc bag (tightly sealed of course) and lay flat on sheet pans to freeze the juice, which you can use all year long. You can also shred off the peel (not the pith) and freeze or dry it for baking and cooking use.

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