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Feb 15, 2011 06:54 AM

Bourdain at the Keswick, Comments?

We found Anthony interesting, smart, and quite capable of holding ones attention with his observations and personal charm (charm?). He sold out the house and the house seemed to love him. Having read his recent book we found some redundancy, but that is to be expected, call it consistency. We enjoyed the later travel oriented segment and his tips to the traveler on how to respect their host country was right on point and may contribute to improvement of the "Ugly American" stereotype. He was gracious in taking numerous questions from long lines of inquisitors. He definitely has "the common touch" while his phrasing, vocabulary and observations show more of his qualification to be accepted at Radcliffe( very tough entrance/although a short timer) than of his days as a Bridge and Tunnel guy from Jersey with a drug problem. His profanity is so natural he could seem disingenuous without it. Good show! IMHO

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    1. My husband and I debated on getting tickets, and we thought... "what's it gonna be? just him sitting on stage retelling his kitchen confidential stories?"

      Now I'm sorry that we didn't go, sounds like it was fun.

      1. Oops, that would be Vassar not Radcliffe, sorry Brewers!

        1. I thought it was a good show. I did tire of him near the end - same thing happened reading his books. He seemed a bit annoyed by some of the questions, or wait, maybe that was me?! I think he has had an interesting life and it's nice to hear him be thankful for all the doors that opened for him, it could have so easily gone the other way. It was interesting crowd to people watch...I was very surprised at the diversity of his fan base.

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            Yes, some of the questions were annoying for sure! His appreciation of his current good fortune did seem heart felt and nice to witness. Interesting crowd, diversity of fan base; very kind words you have chosen.

          2. Loved it! My husband was able to get us 2nd row seats and flew us up there from Tampa for the show (Valentine's Day gift, including a couple of days in NYC). Quite frankly, however, I have a huge crush on Bourdain and he probably could've sat onstage picking his nose and drinking a beer and I still would've loved it. lol He came across a little more down-to-earth and lot more compassionate than I expected him to be.

            He was patient and friendly at the book-signing afterwards, as well...and he signed whatever you asked him to (see my proof positive below ;) ). Fun night!