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Feb 15, 2011 06:53 AM

What to do with Quinoa?

I have never made this and I bought a package at the supermarket of red quinoa and have no clue what to do with it or even how to make it. Is it like barley?

If you can share any recipes or any ideas. Does it taste good? Thanks so much!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I use same way as rice/cous cous. Some dishes need a heavy base like rice, some a medium base like cous cous, and some go well with a light and fluffy base like quinoa.

      1. Was this from the bulk bin, or in a box with directions?

        Quinoa needs to be rinsed to remove a bitter surface substance, but packaged quinoa has already been rinsed (but read the directions). Otherwise preparation is like rice. It's done when the little 'rings' separate from the 'grains'.

        In texture it is rather like couscous, and any recipe for seasoning the one would work with. Taste, by itself, is not exceptional; in that regard is like most grains. more like a canvas than a paint.

        1. I use it (and bulgur wheat is another favorite) in the place of rice or pastas in any sort of salad. Just last week I stirred it into sauteed mushrooms, shallots and spinach, adding a few olives and crumbled feta, then stuffed into a portobella and baked, with spicy tomato sauce underneath. I'll do a similar filling as above, then mix in a few eggs and bake until set. You can also use either as a breakfast, flavoring it with cinnamon, honey and fruit.

          One important thing - RINSE the quinoa thorougly before cooking. It has a natural soap-like coating that makes it resistant to birds. You want to rinse that off or you'll get some bitterness in the final product.

          1. I made this recipe lately, and 'twas insanely tasty. Used vegetable broth to cook the quinoa and added a little curry powder and fried tofu chunks to the garbanzo recipe.