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Dec 19, 2005 02:36 PM

Sakura House Skewers Report

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for people living in the Marina Del Rey area, Sakura House is definitely a great alternative to driving to Sawtelle for some good japanese skewers action.. check it out!


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  1. Yes, definitly a good alternative and a place I go to when I want something that varies from the norm. You don't really find too many variations of skews in the Sawtelle area so I make the drive to MDR for Sakura house when I want something different.

    An added bonus is the fresh veggies they give you to snack on while you wait for the meat. Also, the seating capacity is much larger than the WLA counterparts so I find it easier to get in and out. That is of course speaking of off-peak hours.

    Great pics. I feel like going now...

    1. this is my favorite restaurant! I love all their skewers! especially their garlic sprouts.

      1. Really like this place. Parking in the lot is horrible though, thankfully it's not too hard to find a spot on the street.

        1. Wow, I work right behind it.

          Chicken skin on a stick. Surely life cannot possibly get any better.

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            That, a bowl of perfectly steamed rice, and a nice tall Sapporo Nama is heavenly...

          2. Even if you don't live in Marina Del Rey Sakura House is a great alternative to a lot of restaurants! This is one of my favorite places. I like the enoki mushroom maki, the tomato maki (though they tend to explode when you bite into them), and chicken meatball. I wish that they had chicken "tail" like at Koshiji.