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Feb 14, 2011 11:46 PM

Now *that's* what I call a pecan roll!

Wow -- I just tasted the holy grail: a perfect pecan roll. From Jamaica's on Pico. Carmely and crispy and not too sweet, but definitely sweet - chewy and cinnamony .. just perfect. Who knew? I happened on this place days after they opened and was underwhelmed. Upon returning I find them in full-blown near-perfect mode. At least the cinammony things were, IMHO.

They even sell day-old stuff at half-price which I also really love as most sweet rolls age just fine to take advantage of this sort of bargain.

I can't recommend their pecan rolls highly enough, though the bread pudding and blueberry muffins were also stellar. The day-old croissant I had was meh, but then I've never had a day-old croissant that wasn't. Pups tell me the red velvet cupcakes were so-so but they may be burned out on red velvet cupcakes ... who started this craze? They actually never really were all that good as I remember, though the revival has been fun. Still, at their very best they'd only ever rank a 1.5 next to a pecan roll's 9.5, in my books!

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  1. Yes, I completely agree, their sticky bun is a hidden gem! I've been underwhelmed with most of their other offerings though.

    1. Aliris, thanks to your post I checked out the pecan roll yesterday. Wow! is the word. Absolutely loved it. They had totally sold out, so I got the day-old, warmed it up as they suggested and was blown away. I also got the lemon scone, which I also thought was worth another trip.

      1. Thanks for the rec! I must have driven by this place a million times, but I don't remember ever noticing it, much less stopping to try it. Now I will!

        1. Angel Maid on Centinela near Culver also has great pecan rolls, but a different style. These have the pecons on top, but the dough is light and flakey. Whole Foods has them, too.

          1. I'm a big fan of the ones at Urth Cafe.