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Whole Foods Haight Street, SF store opening Wed 2/16/11

Whole Foods Haight store opening Wed 2/16/11. It's going to sell more local vendors from the 415.

"They'll have special signs that say exactly which neighborhood produced the given good, be it Bernal Heights (Paulie's Pickles and Wholesome Bakery), the Mission (Mission Minis, Azalina, Love & Hummus) or the Dogpatch (Sutton Cellars).

there’s a full coffee bar along with the bakery department at the front of the store. It even has Santa Cruz-brewed Kombucha tea on tap.

Both the Magic Curry Kat and HapaSF will sell retail products at the Haight Whole Foods.

Whole Foods will also staff security guards around the clock.

Interesting tips for Whole Foods novices:

* You can ask any employee for a free sample of a product — and not just of produce. If you ask to try it, they say they will gladly open a box of crackers or cookies for you to taste.
* The store will also feature Whole Foods’ new animal welfare rating system, which it has implemented in all stores to help consumers consider more ethical meat choices, and to help them understand why prices on some meats might seem high.
* The parking lot is small, so the new Haight is sure to cause some traffic snarls, though the company will validate parking in the Kezar stadium lot across the street on Stanyan."

The store will be open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

WF: 690 Stanyon St. 415-876-6740

Read more: Whole Foods feeling the San Francisco love at new Haight Street store:

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  1. From Scream Sorbet FB: "Scream Sorbet at the new Whole Foods in the Upper Haight. Pink packaging for Hazelnut Chocolate and Coffee Almond in honor of V-Day."

    1. Wow that's good for the neighborhood. I remember the old Cala and it was a pit and long in the tooth in '03 There use to be a Real Food up Stanyan and Thom's on Geary/24th but it's pretty dead out there, surprisingly so.

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        Real Foods is still on Stanyan.

      2. I must admit I will stop into this WF once in a while but I will continue to support Haight Street Market which has everything I need, fresh organic product, Marin Sun Farm's 100% grass fed beef, Mary's free range & organic chicken and the basics for my weekly shopping. I love this little market, nice family business and they are expanding to the space next door..

        1. While it may look good that Whole Foods is carrying local vendors and supporting small business in San Francisco, they are simultaneously pushing many local, independent grocers and vendors out in the process... a double edged sword. It is a shame that this billion dollar giant has moved into the Haight. Boo!

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            I rarely go to WF, I think I've been less then a half dozen times in my life...however that neighborhood has needed a supermarket for a long time. I'm not sure if WF is the solution but the alternative is nothing.

            1. re: coyotebushandsand

              It's a supermarket chain replacing a supermarket chain. Nothing wrong with that. This one happens to stock local products. It's probably brought more business to Real Foods up the block, and the fruit market on Haight is much cheaper for fruit (not all organic), and carries different stuff anyway. As a chain, the specials are competitive but most people will need to hit up another market to acquire everything they need. It's certain a step up from Cala, and a really nice addition to the neighborhood.

            2. Went there just last night, it was awesome! It's a great addition. Having said that, Stanyan Real Foods is VERY MUCH alive and well. It's extremely important to me to support them as well (we don't want a Walmart affect here...). I've established some rules for myself: 1. go to Real Foods first, if they don't have "it", try WF (that's what happened last night. WF didn't have "it" either...). 2. Real Foods only stays open 'til 8:00, which was always irksome. Now I've got a late night alternative!

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                Its not called Real Foods that is a very different store its called Fresh Organics Inc which is not the same as Real Foods. Its a larger company and not the mom and pop you may be thinking of.

                1. re: Lori SF

                  it was Real Food Company a few years ago before becoming Fresh Organics. Real Food is also a chain or else several stores around the city sharing the same name amicably.

                  Real Food Company
                  3060 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA

              2. I went to the new WF friday to buy the organic whole chickens on sale for $1.60/pound (1 day only!). I was buying them to prepare a dish where I needed chicken pieces. Remarkably, a sign said they will cut meats for you without charge. The butcher was very friendly and asked if I wanted to keep the giblets and other pieces. Outstanding customer service!

                I also observed several other features of the store that are impressive:

                1. they have up to 2 people directing traffic in the parking lot. This is key because there are 3 entrances/exits to this small lot. Without direction, the lot would be gridlock. I don't know if this is unusual, but even on a busy mid day afternoon, I only waited about 3 minutes.

                2. They had around 16 check out counters. Again, this is key because if there is back up at check out, customers waiting to check out would be flowing into the aisles conflicting with customers trying to select products. That would annoy everyone.

                3. They had staff directing traffic within the store. When I first stepped in, I started wandering to the right, but that was where the check out lane was.

                4. The shelves were always well stocked, even just before closing. That's a feat because they must be stocking throughout the day without bothering customers.

                5. They have many coupons in their Whole Deal flier which you get online or at the stores.

                All in all, a very positive shopping experience.

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                  Come back in a month with the same level of service, then I'll be impressed.

                  1. re: poser

                    I was at this store for the first time today. They do seem to have a high staff-to-customer ratio.

                    The fishmonger offered to clean and gut a whole rock cod for me, no charge. They had some amazing low (and high) prices. Rock cod was $3.99 a pound. I also picked up sand dabs. London broil for $3.99 a pound (local natural beef, not organic).

                    Service really stood out. That and a guy who kept helping himself to cherries, like they were samples.

                    They did a great job packing a lot into a tiny space; much better than navigating the oblivious parents with strollers and loaded carts, blabbing on the cellphones at the Noe branch.

                    And the "local" tags are all over. They may be undercutting local grocers, but they're doing right by local purveyors. It was easy to choose California goat cheese, mushrooms, honey, etc

                    I would definitely return.

                    Tip: WF is now using biodegradable bags for produce. Usually I bring my own plastic bags until they get gross, but now you can bag your vegetables and then reuse the bag to line the compost bucket.