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Feb 14, 2011 08:52 PM

Where can I get Stone crabs in Miami Beach besides Joe's (who served me frozen claws twice)?

I've been to Joe's 2 times before and both times thought I was served frozen claws. I looked into this afterward and read a review where somebody said if they don't know you, you may very well be served the frozen stuff. I am not eager to return. Can anybody let me know who else is serving them right now? Would appreciate it.

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  1. I've found it's more a function of when you go than who you go with (though what do I know? I'm usually going with folks who are semi-regulars). If you're there towards the beginning or end of the season you're more likely to get claws that have been frozen, b/c of supply issues. Still, though you'll find stone crabs at many other places during the season, I don't know of any other restaurant that has as consistently good quality.

    If you feel like you're getting the second class treatment, get take-out from Joe's Takeaway next door. The claws are right out there on display and everyone's getting from the same place. Or to compare and contrast you can try Monty's South Beach - but I've always preferred Joe's.

    1. I would like to add that the cost of maintaining such a conspiracy would be pretty high for a restaurant that turns 1800 tables a day and employs north of 100 people. As frod said, it is availability if anything that determines frozen vs fresh.

      1. I should rephrase to avoid discussions of conspiracy theories. (For whatever reason) I do not want to dine at Joe's. Are there any suggestions for a sit down stone crab meal? Would be much appreciated.

        Also, I ate in season and waited an hour+ to dine on frozen. Just saying.

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          I haven't been to Monty's in a few years but I always received fresh stone crab from them. They also had all you can eat options (generally for medium claws) that can be quite a bargain.

        2. Just curious what made you think they were frozen?
          Went to Joe's in Las Vegas a couple months ago and never occurred to me they might be frozen.

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            I just remember the one time how watery they were and appeared small (shrunken like) in their shells

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              ask the waiter what the freshest catch is. if you tell them they taste frozen, they'll bring you more

              edit: but if you want a new stone crab experience, the best thing to do is drive straight to the keys, get to the docks, and eat the stone crabs fresh (necessarily served hot)

          2. The steakhouses (meat market, P112, possibly Red) often have stone crab as a special when it is in season. Pubbelly sometimes has them. You should call in advance for these options to make sure they have them.

            Other than that, what Frod said...

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