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ISO Liberté Strawberry or Date & Fig Greek Yogurt

As the title suggests, I'm looking for Liberté Strawberry or Date & Fig Greek Yogurt. So far I have been only able to find Liberté Plain and Vanilla Greek Yogurt.

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  1. I saw the strawberry one at Milano on the weekend.

    1. I've seen both at the Alexis Nihon IGA

      1. Why don't you ask the manager of your grocery store? We have it at my Metro in Sainte-Rose (Laval), but if I didn't, I'd ask for it.

        1. Hi there,

          You can also communicate with the Customer Service of Liberté to find out where to find the different flavors of Greek Yogurt : 1888-340-9306

          1. I saw both, plus another - blueberry, I think - at Rachelle-Bery on St-Laurent today.

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              I found it at the IGA at Alexis Nihon, and I believe they might also have it at Marche Akhavan in NDG.

            2. PA supermarche usually carries them. I would pass on the date &fig one though, it was meh, but you may want to try for yourself.

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                i bought them at metro (branch on l acadie), I too would pass on date and fig, no fig flavour nothing special. I do like consistency of the yogurts and have some other flavours in fridge to try.

              2. IGA has them...they also have blueberry flavor.

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                  Actually, I've been seeing more and more of the blueberrry and less of the date and fig, I wonder if perhaps it's been unpopular in general...

                  On another note, though this is slightly off topic, I have noticed that "President's Choice" has come up with their own greek yogurt, it is showing up at Maxi, Loblaws, and Provigo around the city. However, I have yet to see that one in anything other than plain, and have not tried it yet myself.

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                    I saw the President's Choice Greek yogourt in strawberry today, so it does exist in other flavours.

                2. FWIW, Costco sells a variety pack of flavoured Liberté greek yogourt. I think they are individual portions. I haven't seen those anywhere else nor is it listed on the web site. Then again, the web site still doesn't list any Greek yogourt as a regular product.