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Feb 14, 2011 07:02 PM

King Cakes Delivered

I am a New Orleanian sending a king cake out of town to some friends for the first time. I've poked around a couple of websites, but thought I'd ask the Chow Crowd to offer some opinions, suggestions, and warnings.

Anyone out there got advice for getting a good king cake delivered for a reasonable price? It going to Chicago if that matters.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I used to send a number of king cakes around the country at carnival time, but I've gotten so disgusted with the outrageous prices that I stopped doing it. Charging fifty bucks to deliver a king cake that retails for ten dollars at the bakery is just over the top in my book--even with fifty cents worth of beads thrown in. My suggestion: get a plain king cake (no cream filling) and ship it yourself USPS priority mail. It's not really perishable to the point that it has to be delivered overnight.

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    1. re: Big Easy

      Thanks for the response. I agree that the price of sending a king cake is too high. Fifty dollars just doesn't make sense. I'm going to take your advice and buy it locally and send it priority mail.

      I'm surprised that some bakery hasn't seen the market available for a more affordable option. Seems like there's plenty of money to be made with some aggressive pricing.

      1. re: Big Easy

        It's been a while since I sent someone out of state a king cake. Now I remember why. Fifty bucks is insane.

        1. re: Big Easy

          well most of the king cakes are $45 (plain) delivered. subtract retail prices of $10 for the cake, $3 for the beads and that leaves $32 for box, handling, and over-nite delivery anywhere in the continental US.

          thats actually not bad at all.. in fact, when i shipped them myself direct thru UPS i paid around $50 for the shipping *alone*.

        2. You can order them from Sucre directly from their website. They're cakes are tasty too! The cakes are about $20 + $10 for shipping.

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          1. re: EatingEmily

            Thanks Emily. Glad to see that some local bakery isn't price gouging. I'm going to take a look at the Sucre website!

            1. I am sending mckenzie's king cakes ($10) via USPS medium size shirt box "If it fits - It ships" for
              $10- best deal I can find.