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Feb 14, 2011 05:24 PM

Help, braces! [moved from San Francisco]

I just got braces, and now my staple of fried food, red meats, crusty bread and chewy noodles are dead to me. There are a few things worse than living in SF and not able to enjoy food. I see a lot of tofu, congee, and steamed fish in my crystal ball. Anyone has any suggestion of things I could try? Thanks.

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  1. This is likely to get flagged as miscategorized. That said, I'm 17 months in to braces, and for the first 6 months had a device that meant I couldn't close my jaw all the way, so I couldn't chew.

    First of all, it will get better. Soon you'll be able to eat almost all cooked vegetables and meats (though maybe not sinewy ones), all bread (though you'll probably need to break off pieces rather than chewing them off, almost all fried food, ssandwiches if the bread isn't too crusty (you may need to take them apart to eat them) and the like. You'll only really have trouble when yhou have them adjusted or have pain for other reasons. Until then, indian food often works great, smoothies, soups, ice cream, sscrambled eggs, tofu scrambles, rice, quinoa, soft pasta, most fruit cut small, pudding, cake, refried beans and more. I promise it gets better!

    1. Cheese tamales will become your friend so will ibuprofen or whatever your orthodontist suggests for your painkiller (if taken before your wires get tightened).

      As milklady says, it will get better -- I eventually could time when I'd be able to enjoy gnawing on BBQ spareribs. corn on the cob, & garlic bread. Of course, I broke a lot of wires but carried a purse-sized Snap-On wire cutter for emergency repairs. Hubby got really good at it!

      During my 4 years of wires, I enjoyed lots of grilled market steaks (thinly sliced on the bias to minimize any tough chewing), french toast and sausage (instead of crispy bacon), uni, grilled eel, foie gras and was determined to not deprive myself of anything I really wanted to eat.

      Also see:

      1. I had braces when I was in my early 30's and very quickly got to the point where I ate pretty much anything I wanted - by using a knife and fork and cutting everything into very small pieces.

        1. I eat anything I want. The only time it's a little dicey is when I have just had them tightened. Also...sandwiches in public is not always the best option - all that food gets caught in them everywhere. I have gotten MUCH better at dislodging food with my tongue, though, but I always carry a proxy brush with me! When I'm out, it's always something I can eat with a fork/spoon/knife. Don't tell my ortho, but I've even eaten caramels (VERY slowly and carefully) because I can't resist them.

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            Caramels were the best, especially See's dark-chocolate coated. The worst was chewing gum!