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Feb 14, 2011 05:02 PM

Making Lobster Roll, best place to get the roll?

I picked up a ton of seafood from New England Lobster in South SF with the great $40 for $80 Yelp deal. Now I have a couple pounds of fresh claw/knuckle meat wanting to be made into a Maine-style lobster roll. Only problem? Where to get some great split top buns/bread for it.

Anywhere near SF would be great, but I'm willing to venture a little farther (Heck I'll go as far as San Jose if I need to) for some great buns. Thanks for the help guys!

New England Lobster
170 Mitchell Ave S, San Francisco, CA

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    1. re: wolfe

      Ah these look like some really solid suggestions. Acme is conveniently close so I'll take a look at their offerings tomorrow. Feel Good Bakery looks like a good option too. Love the picture of their Obama bread.

      Guess I'll have to hold out on my lobster roll craving and go with lobster risotto tonight (have some chanterelles and buna shimeji calling to be used too). =)

      Feel Good Bakery
      1650 Park St, Alameda, CA 94501

      1. re: ShoyuPanda

        The Acme hotdog roll is almost the right texture for a LR. Bryan's market up on California Street has these smaller rolls that I used for a holiday party for pulled pork sandwiches they would work too.

        1. re: Lori SF

          Thanks for the second rec for Acme. Swung by there a bit ago and picked up a few hot dog rolls, a couple of torpedo rolls, and other assorted breads. =) Torpedo rolls might be a bit too much bread for a lobster roll, but I thought I'd give it a try too.

          1. re: ShoyuPanda

            Lobster roll turned out great, thanks for recommendations everyone. Just thought I'd stick a pic of one of the lobster rolls using the Acme torpedo roll.

            1. re: ShoyuPanda

              looks great! was the bread firm but super soft? I think its funny that most of the LR places on the East use Pepperidge Farm top split rolls which I never see here.
              I am going to the Cape in July and I will be on the quest. Thanks for sharing.

              1. re: ShoyuPanda

                Oh! That's right, a picture of the lobster roll and no rating on the bread. Both the hot dog roll and torpedo roll from Acme worked really well. Their bread is a bit more firm than a commercial hot dog roll, but so much more flavorful. I think the milk in the dough does some of that. After toasting it in a pan with some butter the roll is still firm, but nice and soft on the inside. Held up to all the lobster I stuffed inside with falling apart.

                @SteveG I totally should have hollowed out my torpedo roll a bit, unfortunately ate'em all for this time. Next time though... next time! =)

              2. re: ShoyuPanda

                You can always hollow out the torpedo rolls if there is too much bread and not enough space for lobster!

                1. re: SteveG

                  I don't have a specific place, but my favorite sandwich rolls on the planet are the ones I find at the small Vietnamese banh mi shops...maybe see where some of the better ones in your area source their rolls from?

        2. Another time this came up, a poster said the split top hot dog rolls could be found at Safeway; I found them at the Market St. Safeway.