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Feb 14, 2011 03:57 PM

National City Chula Vista - Vast foodie wasteland?

I returned to South San Diego after being away for quite a while. When I left there were several good seafood and other good restaurants around here.
What happened? Other than a few fair Mexican restaurants there seems to be nothing South of National City but fast food joints and bland food a la Arbies.

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  1. Good golly; how can you possibly omit Niederfrank's?

    1. I just went to Tita's Kitchenette in National City and if was GOOD. We shared pork adobo, a pork parts blood stew( Dinuguan?), a tangy tomato and vinegar based goat stew and another stewed pork dish plus complimentary (not sure if this is always the case) chicken soup-very unique and seasoned with tamarind I believe....We loved everything- so tangy and flavorful.2 huge combo plates with plenty leftover for lunches tomorrow was 13.00. It is served cafeteria style and the surroundings are humble, but we will be back for sure. There were also a couple of bakeries in the plaza. I don't eat sweets but I imagine they would follow up a meal like we had well....if you had room.

      Tita's Kitchenette
      2720 E Plaza Blvd Ste E, National City, CA 91950

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        "Aqui es Texcoco" on Broadway. Outstanding lamb dishes and salsas true to the heart of the region.

        "Kagama", the minorly infamous Japanese restaurant in Chula Vista. According to legend, you can only get in if you have made a reservation in Japanese and your dinner will cost more than $100 per person.

        The food trucks that cluster around the "Toys-r-Us" parking lot in Chula Vista.

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          Don't forget Marisco's Godoy on Palomar.

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            You are so right! ("Smack to the head").

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            Maybe there's still hope. As I said I've been away quite a while and the old familiar restaurants are mostly gone. I haven't had time to get familiar with the new ones yet.

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              Jan (or others who know),

              Where in CV is Kagama? Google wasn't much help in getting me more info. I've heard of restaurants in San Diego with similar rumors surrounding them, but they've always turned out to be exaggerations and urban legends.

              1. re: mom jeans

                1216 Third, between Oxford and Kennedy-closer to Palomar.

          3. Funny you posted this, I was just talking about that with a friend the other day. The problem is, people are not willing to try new things, that's why so many good restaurants that open up close up so fast. Cheaper and quicker lunches like fast food chains are certainly not having a problem in the South Bay, though there is plenty of good restaurants. I live in Chula Vista, and I'm always looking for small restaurants that offer great food, so far I've heard of La Querencia in Chula Vista, Talaveras ( I think that's the name), TY Oyster Bar, Don Pedro's, El Pescador, and a few others I will post as soon as I remember. Don Pedro's pozole is the best I've had besides my grandmother's, I've heard their breakfast is delicious. Also, for pizza joints Joe and Ernie's is delicious, if you're looking for something quicker and on the go.

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              Have u tried indulge bistronomy? I cant really find much about it on the internet

            2. Romesco's (the bistro out front or the tapa's bar in the back room) in Bonita is one of the best restaurants in SD County, Pier 32 on the west side (yes, west side) of Hwy 5 behind Buster's (which makes a mean burger by the way) for lunch on a sunny day, Ethnic Deli and Cafe in NC, Los Arcos for seafood (just off 805 at E St), Mangia Italiano on 3rd in CV, or just about any randomly chosen independent restaurant on Highland south of 8th and north of 54.

              Los Arcos Restaurant
              , Chula Vista, CA 91910

              Ethnic Deli & Cafe
              404 Mile of Cars Way Ste F, National City, CA 91950

              1. I had to meet friends for dinner at ChinaChina off East H/805. We met at 7 pm and to my surprise the place totally filled up by 9:00 on a Tuesday night. The food was edible but not anything special. You could also order sushi from the Japanese/noodle restraunt next door. It just felt strange for that place to fill up. Maybe there isn't much in the south bay. I'm not sure why Hanaoke doesn't get more mentions. Solid Japanese. Once Aqui es Texcoco's consumme gets in your veins......look out, and Mariscos Godoy's octopus cocktail is head shaking.

                Mariscos Godoy
                651 Palomar St 25A, Chula Vista, CA