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Feb 14, 2011 03:29 PM

egg cracking

I often hear various chefs on TV advise me to crack eggs on a blunt surface (e.g., a table top) so that you don't push shell fragments inside the egg. I used that advice on a few occasions with awful results - - a shell that won't open unless you pry/pull it open and shell fragments all over. I prefer to crack eggs on the rim of a drinking glass, the narrower the better. They open like an oval pacman if you know what i mean. No issues with shell fragments in the mix. Further, i just dump the cracked egg into the glass until needed. Any opinions? Feel like I'm missing something.

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  1. You can get shell in your egg either way. The inner membrane does a good job of adhering to the shell, even when you crack on the lip of a bowl or glass. It's just a personal preference, I think.

    1. Mark Bittman says you gotta hit it flat. My mama said to crack it on the edge. Since this was a long time before Mr. Bittman was probably even toilet trained, I listened to my mama and did it her way, and have continued to do so with great success for well over sixty years. Nor am I likely to change.

      Bits of eggshell INSIDE the egg? Seems a good deal less likely if it's broken on a sharp edge. I get a piece in the bowl now and then, which I usually manage to remove with my finger. Wonder what Bittman has to say about that …

      1. I was with you. I tried the flat thing a couple times and it never worked. I thought it was the stupidest idea ever. Then I tried it again a few weeks ago and since then it has worked really well for me. I have now switched to the flat surface camp. I think the key is to be pretty aggressive with it. One disadvantage seems to be that a drop of egg always gets left on my counter, which used to be left on the edge of a bowl, but for the most part there are less pieces of shell in my eggs than there used to be.

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          I'm also a convert to the flat surface camp. I give the egg one good hit on the counter and I've never had any issues since I got used to the technique.

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            I crack eggs on the vertical surface of my sink. That way I don't leave egg on the counter.

          2. No one is created equal, nor no item, food product, chef. All anyone can offer, is a "this works best for me! Yeah try it!
            There is no only Right! way to do anything, nor any Saint approved method that I know of. What does work is knowing that things vary, especially if you move from a local area to another. I grew up in NJ in a restaurant family. Our eggs pretty much behaved the same all the time. no issues that, I moved. I moved where folks had brown eggs, pretty much something I knew existed but never touched. Lordy! I had trouble breaking these eggs! A few more moves as well mas using different eggs let me figure out that eggs have a shell. All shells are not equal, so And I like it!!

            I do find that if I must do many (but this is worth it for a just few as well) I crack into a strainer. I lock up egg shell escapee as well as easily allowing a white blob get special attention.

            De Nada

            1. Years of experienced have taught me that there is no one-way-is-always-perfect method of cracking an egg. No matter what you do, there will be times you get shell in the egg, there will be times when the yolk breaks, there will be times when everything goes well. You just have to roll with the punches! And always have some extra eggs on hand. '-)