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Feb 14, 2011 03:13 PM

Dry-aged steak at Meat Shop Bedford NH

Amazing meat. At $20/lb not cheap, but this was the finest rib-eye I've had in a very long time. We used the Wall Street Journal recipe and it was done perfectly.

The service at the Meat Shop was exceptional, highly attentive and professional. After we paid, the manager walked us to our car, carrying the bag!

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  1. You know, I like that shop and their selection, but I know the beer prices are awfully high, and that really bugs me. Their customer service is top-notch though.

    I don't consider $20/lb for great beef expensive at all when you think about what you'd pay at a steakhouse!

    1. what grade of meat was it if you don't mind?

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      1. re: purchaser1

        Sorry, forgot to ask. I seriously doubt it was prime, at that price. But it was very good.

        1. re: whs

          I sure hope it was Prime at that price! Choice Ribeyes are at $5/lb wholesale right now...Ribeye prices dump after the Xmas/NYE holiday and don't start climbing until early summer...but if it was great I guess it doesnt matter!

          1. re: purchaser1

            Give them a call--the regular "wet" rib eye was around $10/lb.