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Feb 14, 2011 03:07 PM

juicer recommendation

i am looking to buy a juicer - under $200.

i want to be able to make citrus juices, carrot juice and green juice (primarily).

and needs to be easy to clean!

thanks in advance for recs!

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    1. I'm happy with my Breville but I have the $300 model. You start getting under $200 you will only be getting what your paying for.

      1. If you're new to juicing, I recommend that you either buy something used (try eBay or Craig's List) or try to borrow one to see if you'll stick with it--shop for bargains because juicing isn't for everyone (which is why so many turn up used). A potential problem with your planned usage is that the machines that juice one type of produce well aren't great for the others. Single- and twin-auger juicers tend to be fine for green juice but are okay-to-lousy for carrots and citrus, etc.
        Juicers almost all tend to be a pain to clean because most of them use screens for straining and they get clogged, even if you scrub them immediately after juicing.

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          FWIW, the Champion now has an optional greens attachment; this pretty much renders it a perfect all-around juicer although some folks prefer their citrus reamed.

        2. I gave a good solution for you: two separate juicers. 

          The juciers that do carrots, apples, greens, beets, etc. Do a lousy job with citrus, it comes out real foamy. Years ago we bought a Juiceman Jr. For about $60 and used it for a while but then we stopped using it. I suppose we just never got into the habit of juicing. It was also a PITA to clean. I think these kinds of juicers are all sort of a hassle to wash. But, you can get them at Goodwill for as little as $15. 

          For citrus we use an electric Braun Citromatic. This too was a Goodwill purchase but I'd pay full price for it too. It works about the same as other citrus juicers that use an electric reamer but this one has a spout where the juice flows out as you are juicing the oranges, (grapefruit lemons, etc.) and into a small Pyrex measuring cup or a juice glass, whatever. I much prefer it to the kind of citrus juicer where the juice falls into a pitcher type container. 

          I just looked up the Braun I described and discovered it has been discontinued (I bought 2 at GW $4 each). However this link is to a similar juicer that apparently is even better. 

          So my advice is to buy two juicers for about $25 total  at Goodwill and later if you want a more expensive model with more features you can do that too. 

          We've spent a lot of time using citrus juicers because my Dad has 2 orange, 1 ruby red grapefruit and 2 lemon trees at his place in Arizona. Too bad the lime tree froze out a few years ago or we would really have our citrus covered. I asked him to plant a meyer lemon and a tangelo...still waiting. 

          (By the way, the citrus juicers are easy to wash. I think they may even be dishwasher safe, but we've found no reason to do that, plus the dishwasher detergent can be pretty harsh on plastic).

          1. The original comment has been removed