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juicer recommendation

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i am looking to buy a juicer - under $200.

i want to be able to make citrus juices, carrot juice and green juice (primarily).

and needs to be easy to clean!

thanks in advance for recs!

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  1. I'm happy with my Breville but I have the $300 model. You start getting under $200 you will only be getting what your paying for.

    1. If you're new to juicing, I recommend that you either buy something used (try eBay or Craig's List) or try to borrow one to see if you'll stick with it--shop for bargains because juicing isn't for everyone (which is why so many turn up used). A potential problem with your planned usage is that the machines that juice one type of produce well aren't great for the others. Single- and twin-auger juicers tend to be fine for green juice but are okay-to-lousy for carrots and citrus, etc.
      Juicers almost all tend to be a pain to clean because most of them use screens for straining and they get clogged, even if you scrub them immediately after juicing.

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        FWIW, the Champion now has an optional greens attachment; this pretty much renders it a perfect all-around juicer although some folks prefer their citrus reamed.

      2. I gave a good solution for you: two separate juicers. 

        The juciers that do carrots, apples, greens, beets, etc. Do a lousy job with citrus, it comes out real foamy. Years ago we bought a Juiceman Jr. For about $60 and used it for a while but then we stopped using it. I suppose we just never got into the habit of juicing. It was also a PITA to clean. I think these kinds of juicers are all sort of a hassle to wash. But, you can get them at Goodwill for as little as $15. 

        For citrus we use an electric Braun Citromatic. This too was a Goodwill purchase but I'd pay full price for it too. It works about the same as other citrus juicers that use an electric reamer but this one has a spout where the juice flows out as you are juicing the oranges, (grapefruit lemons, etc.) and into a small Pyrex measuring cup or a juice glass, whatever. I much prefer it to the kind of citrus juicer where the juice falls into a pitcher type container. 

        I just looked up the Braun I described and discovered it has been discontinued (I bought 2 at GW $4 each). However this link is to a similar juicer that apparently is even better. 


        So my advice is to buy two juicers for about $25 total  at Goodwill and later if you want a more expensive model with more features you can do that too. 

        We've spent a lot of time using citrus juicers because my Dad has 2 orange, 1 ruby red grapefruit and 2 lemon trees at his place in Arizona. Too bad the lime tree froze out a few years ago or we would really have our citrus covered. I asked him to plant a meyer lemon and a tangelo...still waiting. 

        (By the way, the citrus juicers are easy to wash. I think they may even be dishwasher safe, but we've found no reason to do that, plus the dishwasher detergent can be pretty harsh on plastic).