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Feb 14, 2011 02:59 PM

best brand/model smooth top electric range and (double oven? convection?) oven

Thanks in advance for your insights! I'm looking for votes (or warnings) as I consider purchasing a new stand alone oven range. I can't get gas, and can't afford induction, so smooth top it will be. I have had and liked convection in the past, but also have gotten along fine without it, so it would be a plus but not a necessity. I have also recently seen the double ovens, which I have to say seems pretty cool. But also not a necessity.
I could probably get a discount on a Whirlpool, Maytag or KitchenAid, but have seen some good reviews for the GE Profiles and could consider an LG or other.
I'm looking forward to a new oven and more/better burners!

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  1. I've got a Kitchenaid Architect series smooth top convection range that has a warming drawer at the bottom.
    I like it fine, but I'm not picky about the stains on the black glass top. No problems with it mechanically after about 2 years.
    I had the same model in gas at my last house, and it took a bit of a while to get used to the temperature control differences. After 35 years of homeownership and varied cooking devices, I really do appreciate the easy clean up with the smooth top electric.
    The biggest selling point for this range was the layout of the burners. I measured the usable distance front-to-back on several brands, and noted how the burner sizes were laid out. The Kitchenaid allows me to use the big skillet in front or back, the little saucepans in front or back - which means I can use all 4 burners at once if I lay out the sizes the right way.

    1. I'm hoping the attached photo shows the burner arrangement well enough.

      1. If you put any trust in Consummer Reports, they list the maytag Gemini MER6765BA as a recommended buy at $1,400 with double oven, just behind that is the Kenmore 9800 at $1,850, also with a double oven. The top pick was a single oven Electrolux EW30EF65G at $2,000. The Maytag is on convection, the other two are. The GE PBP81SM was raited well, but no convection and only one oven with a warmer for $1,300.

        I've been looking at appliances, so the consumer reports was handy. Lots of options, lots of prices.

        1. I have the Kenmore Elite with a double oven (a smaller oven on top, not the warming drawer on the bottom) and I absolutely love it. We use the top oven all the time and it preheats in less than half the time that the bottom oven does. One burner has a turbo boil and it's really fast, and another burner is adjustable for medium-sized or large pots. I don't have a huge need for the convection but enjoy it when I use it. Just recently used the slow cooker function on a timer and that was great. My only minor complaint is that the top oven doesn't bake all that evenly, that is if I'm doing a batch of cookies or muffins the ones in the back tend to brown a bit faster, but if I rotate them they are fine and even if I don't it's not so much of a problem that I can't live with it. Having the two ovens at the holidays was a lifesaver. We debated the warming drawer but I knew I wouldn't love bending over to get things out of it. I never intended to spend so much money but the hubs talked me into it and so far I'm glad he did.

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          1. Thanks for these useful replies! The Maytag seems like the best buy for the money, but I like the burner arrangement on the KitchenAid and the features on the Kenmore...
            Oh how I wish there was someplace one could actually try before buying!
            Please keep up the info :)

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              Just purchased a GE Cafe Series smoothtop electric range. (Gas wasn't an option :(.) It gets delivered later this week, so I can't give you a review, but it has both convection and a double oven. Also, last weekend it was 50% off the floor model. I've seen elsewhere online that GE has discontinued this model, and so you may be able to find one cheap, if you haven't already bought an oven.