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Feb 14, 2011 02:08 PM


The Naked Chef collection includes THE NAKED CHEF, THE NAKED CHEF TAKES OFF, AND HAPPY DAYS WITH THE NAKED CHEF. The runner-up was JAMIE'S ITALY. There will be planty of time to collect and organize cookbooks and recipes by March 1. It looks like it's going to be a fun month. When this main topic goes up March 1, there will also be an adjunct thread for the other books. If one of you would like to take care of that second thread, please let me know. So as of March 1, 2011, we'll be working here with the four books listed above. Have fun!!

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  1. Thank you bayoucook! I'll be happy to post the adjunct thread since I intend to post to it quite a bit (in addition to the main threads!)


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      1. re: The Dairy Queen

        Just what I was wishing for TDQ, thanks!

      2. Oh, good. I'm getting JAMIE'S ITALY out of the library. I am eager to try his way of making pasta dough. I'm going to be doing it all by hand, though, at least at first. My friend whose house my pasta machine is at is on vacation until March 15 or so.

        But I've wanted to do this for a long time.

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        1. re: Jay F

          Can't wait to read all about it!


        2. Thanks so much for such a smooth COTM process bayoucook . . . Bravo!!

          I'm really looking forward to trying Jamie's recipes next month! Truth be told, I kind of celebrated tonight and made one of Jamie's pasta dishes to accompany a chicken dish from this month's COTM! Its the first JO dish I've ever cooked and I hope it's a sign of things to come because we loved it!! mr bc said he'd give the meal a "10"!!

          Thanks again bayoucook!

          1. You think we'll be getting any visits from him in here like the last two authors? ;)

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            1. re: sarahcooks

              Oh wouldn't that be amazing!! Let's keep our fingers crossed!!

              1. re: sarahcooks

                Speaking of the last two authors, Amanda Hesser has apparently agreed to do a Q&A with us if we have questions

                Does anyone have any questions for Amanda?


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                  Dairy queen, how does one participate in the Q & A with Amanda Hesser? Is there a special thread for this, or do we just ask questions within our postings about ENYT cookbook recipes?

              2. I'm totally thrilled. My only problem now is not knowing if I have one of the Naked Chef books at home (making the collection less of a deal), and if not, trying to figure out how to send it to my house (where the mail is stopped) while I'm away. Many much much worse problems to have. Oh yippee. See me skipping happily through the expensive (ludicrously) batch of (sorry folks) boring New Zealand food with the hope of eating something interesting next month!!!

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                  I can't remember. DId you end up joining EYB? If so, shouldn't it be listed on your bookshelf?


                  1. re: The Dairy Queen

                    I did join, and then mid-way through typing out my list (my cookbooks are scattered in different places throughout the house) got too busy to finish. so there are still quite a few that never made it onto the list. Oops. Now that bites me in the bottom. And I've just had a brilliant idea - I'll have the book(s) sent to my babysitters house and ask her to drop them off (she's using our driveway daily anyway) just before we get home. Oh yay, oh yippee!!! Can you sense the excitement?